Accrete AI to Showcase Argus Social at the 2023 Intelligence and National Security Summit: Dual-Use OSINT and Social Media Intelligence AI Agent to Empower Defense and Intelligence Community

July 13, 2023
Press Release

Visit Accrete booth #19 at INSS, July 13-14, for a live demo with CPO Andres Diana and a team of experts.

New York, NY, July 13, 2023 – Accrete AI, a leading dual-use enterprise AI software company, announced today that it will showcase its new dual-use social media intelligence and OSINT AI agent, Argus Social, at the 2023 Intelligence and National Security Summit. Argus Social unlocks a wide range of extraordinary new capabilities for the defense and intelligence community, enabling users to leverage social media intelligence in an entirely new way to drive previously unimaginable strategic and tactical productivity gains.

“The true value in AI is in its ability to capture and scale the tacit domain knowledge of humans to create new knowledge and predictive insight beyond human capacity,” said Prashant Bhuyan, founder and CEO, Accrete AI. “Frustrated by traditional social listening tools that yield no predictive value and do little more than count likes and followers, we spent many years figuring out how to use continuously learning AI to find predictive signals in the social media chatter itself. After breakthroughs in industries such as music, where our agents predict artists before they go viral from pre-release chatter, and finance, where our agents predict M&A rumors most likely to affect stock prices, we are now committed to applying our commercial innovation to protect national security and civil society from the rise of AI-driven disinformation.”

Continued Bhuyan, “Argus’ new social media intelligence capabilities embody the next generation of AI and disrupt the traditional social media monitoring paradigm. Argus Social not only extracts emergent narratives from cross-platform multi-modal social media data in real time, but also predicts how those narratives will propagate through networks and influence behavior. Accrete’s knowledge engines also transform commodity LLMs [Large Language Models] into interactive AI Agents that produce domain-specific predictive insights that neither LLMs nor armies of human domain experts could produce independently.”

Accrete's Chief Product Officer (CPO) Andres Diana, alongside a team of experts, will be live demoing Argus Social at the 2023 Intelligence and National Security Summit, showcasing its transformative potential for social media analysis and intelligence. This event will serve as a platform to highlight the cutting-edge features and advancements incorporated into Argus Social.

In addition, Accrete will virtually present and demo Argus Social at a webinar during the Deep-Tech Showcase Webinar on July 19, further emphasizing its commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to enhance national security efforts.

Accrete’s AI platform Nebula powers configurable AI Agents that act as superhuman digital twins. Accrete’s AI agents learn implicitly from intuitive human expertise and use that expertise to perform analytical work at superhuman scale, enhancing the productivity of knowledge workers in industries ranging from defense and intelligence to media and entertainment. 

The release of Argus Social marks a milestone in that it redefines the value of social media intelligence in national security. Whereas to date, the defense and intelligence world has had its back to the tsunami of information complexity, Argus Social positions the defense and intelligence world to leverage information complexity to its advantage.

About Accrete AI

Accrete AI, founded in 2017, delivers configurable dual-use Analytical AI Agents that automate complex analytical work for government and enterprise customers with a focus on defense, intelligence, and cybersecurity. The company’s mission is to create AI so powerful that it can perform analytical work that would otherwise require an army of human experts and generate predictive insight beyond human capacity, enabling our customers to grow in previously unimaginable ways. Accrete has 128 employees globally and is headquartered in Lower Manhattan with offices in Alexandria, Va., and Wellesley, Mass. For more information, visit

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