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One OSINT platform to master the social media landscape.

Argus Social is mission-ready to help defense and intelligence analysts get ahead of bad actors and threats.

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What's within your reach with argus social: LOCK IN THE INFORMATION ADVANTAGE

Argus Social analyzes massive volumes of multi-modal social media data across platforms in real-time to predict emergent narratives as they propagate through influential networks.

Defense and intelligence analysts can source and track the evolution of information, surface insights about emerging narratives, identify influential network members, and determine friendly and adversarial IO attack vectors.

Strategists and tacticians are empowered to shape the arena before sending warfighters to battle and stay ahead of disinformation campaigns.


Stay steps ahead of your adversaries and dominate the information landscape with industry-proven dual-use AI.

Quickly identify threats, opportunities, and mission-critical insights on social media that human analysts may have missed.

Drastically reduce time and resources spend while gaining strategic productivity gains, so you can focus on making the right mission-critical decisions at the right time.

Understand adversary attack vectors on social media and identify the most effective vectors for your IO campaigns.

From Problem To Solution:
The Rising Tide of Covert Influence

PROBLEM: Adversaries wield sophisticated tactics to dominate influence and information operations, surpassing human tracking capabilities. Billions relying on social media as their information source face increasing vulnerability to manipulation and propaganda. Malicious information campaigns, such as AI-driven deep fakes, pose severe risks to national security, public opinion, and societal stability. Human processing is impractical in the face of overwhelming social media data.

SOLUTION: Enter Argus Social. Accrete's OSINT AI Agent for social media intelligence. Argus Social expertly navigates the data landscape, revealing mission-critical insights at the speed of relevance to help protect national security and preserve democratic integrity in the face of increasingly threatening adversary misinformation campaigns, manipulation, and propaganda.

Behind The AI

Technology Powering Your Success

Dual-use at its core

Whether you aim to counteract adversarial operations or enhance friendly force messaging, our industry-proven dual-use technology ensures unparalleled adaptability and effectiveness.

Unified Real-time Data

Network Builder dynamically learns from new data in order to find connections and insights at a scale and speed that is beyond human and traditional software capacity.

Never Stops working

By leveraging continuous learning, our knowledge engines continue to find anomalies and insights at a scale and speed that is beyond human and traditional software capacity.

Narrative Intelligence

Our AI models seamlessly monitor chatter about topics of interest, understand what’s driving a narrative’s spread, and enable analysts to war-game how a narrative may spread within a network and identify influential accounts.

Argus Social is For

Tracking Networks of Interest

Find hidden connections and predictive insights within a network at a scale and speed that is beyond human and traditional software capacity.

Leveraging Narrative Intelligence

Uncover the origins and evolution of narratives as they spread through social media networks to arm yourself with strategic knowledge and predictive foresight.

Countering MDM Information Campaigns

Understand the root of adversarial information campaigns and how social networks can be best leveraged to spread a counter-narrative to the propagating Mis-, Dis-, and Malinformation (MDM).


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For Business Applications

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