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Transform your IT service management stack into predictive engines for risk detection & incident remediation. Nebula ITSM is your expert AI Agent for IT Change Management.

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Problem: Manual Workflow Without Nebula ITSM

Change Induced Costs

Up to 50% of IT infrastructure changes can result in incidents, which include business outages, failures, downtimes, and other avoidable costs to your enterprise

Wasted Resources

Unplanned downtime and incidents can cost IT organizations up to $336,000 -$516,000 per hour**

Slower Digital Transformation and Innovation

Fear of change-related incidents slows IT organizations down with extra governance, hampering technological innovation

Dependency Risk

Change and incident management both rely heavily on tribal knowledge, which introduces dependency risk to your IT organization

Solutions: Outcomes With Nebula ITSM

Surface Change-Related Risks Early

Improve change management success by predicting IT risk of change-related incidents and provide suggested actionable paths to risk reduction

Save Your Team’s Time

Reduce the dependency on manual workflows and free up your IT team’s time to work on remediation, not diagnosing

Accelerate Transformation and Innovation

Give your IT organizations peace-of-mind with their proposed changes, while also ensuring proper safety and governance protocols are upheld

Zero Dependency

Nebula ITSM autonomously builds a knowledge graph that semantically unifies data across silos in your ITSM stack, connecting dots no army of human experts can

Nebula ITSM Overview

Trained on your organization’s data,
Configured for your processes,
Learning and improving with use.

Nebula ITSM is an AI Agent that learns from your historical database of IT change requests and IT documents, unifies information across silos, and leverages these insights towards identifying risks in proposed changes and the root-causes of past incidents.


Surface Risks in the Change Management Process

Our Risk Models leverage historical information within your ITSM stack to predict potential risks and sources of failure in change tickets. Save time and break information silos in the change planning process.

Expedite Incident Remediation & Problem Management

Respond to incidents faster by reducing the space of potential causes for a given issue. Our Correlation Models assist in surfacing sources of incidents, reducing MTTR (mean-time-to-response), and improving service availability.

Visualize & Navigate Your Topology

Understand and navigate the relationships in your CMDB through our intuitive knowledge graph-based navigation. Identify dependencies, impacts of incidents, and node ownership through a unified interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nebula ITSM reduce incidents and unplanned outages?


We operate at the change and problem management stages of ITSM. Our tooling is designed to provide predictions as to what risks are raised by change tickets and insights to accelerate safe change governance & management. We are helping IT organizations shift from reactive to proactive operations.

How does Nebula ITSM differ from incident intelligence?


Simply reacting to incidents and reducing your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) isn’t enough to operate an efficient and innovative IT organization. Reactive organizations perpetually feel the threat of incidents, and therefore become reluctant to implement changes and innovate. As such, the cost of unplanned downtime extends beyond the outage itself, and it can affect the organizational psyche. Nebula ITSM aims to provide upstream and downstream intelligence for customers, enabling both faster incident resolution alongside safer change management processes.

What is the role of AI in Nebula ITSM?


Our models utilize unstructured information in your ITSM stack to help with expediting root-cause analysis discovery, predicting risks with proposed change tickets, and surfacing relevant historical information for the task at hand. By unifying siloed data in easy-to-use interfaces, Nebula ITSM directly reduces IT operating costs and provides a safer path for teams to manage their services and infrastructure.

What benefits can I expect from Nebula ITSM?


Nebula ITSM is targeting two major sources of cost in IT service management: the operating costs required to safely manage changes and problems, and the downtime costs associated with unplanned outages. These costs are targeted by way of unifying siloed information for better decision-making, layering predictive analysis at the change and problem management steps, and expediting incident management through faster root cause analyses. By safely reducing the time spent on change planning and incident remediation, Nebula ITSM ultimately frees up IT personnel to focus on innovating and delivering new services to transform their organization.

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