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In today’s global knowledge economy, diplomacy and warcraft have evolved. No longer are wars fought solely with missiles, tanks, and ships, and no longer is diplomacy as simple as world leaders meeting behind closed doors. In the digital age, diplomacy and warcraft are increasingly conducted through digital means and our adversaries are weaponizing information complexity. Accrete licenses its products to some of the largest government agencies to capture and scale tacit knowledge to detect anomalous activities and foreign threats faster.

The internet has democratized the media and entertainment industry. Billions of people around the globe continuously consume media via mobile devices. Anyone can publish music, movies, blogs and short videos. There are no barriers to entry. Every moment of every day there’s some story or short video that catches fire and goes viral for no rhyme or reason. From a complex universe of user-generated content emerges influencers with the power to make or break products and companies. Accrete’s AI continuously monitors this universe and helps customers find superstars before competitors by filtering bots, building reliable user and audience profiles, modeling viral influence and authentic engagement and scaling the attribution, grading and authentication of content.

eCommerce companies face intense competition, decreasing customer loyalty, and market saturation. It’s increasingly challenging to win market share because it’s harder than ever to understand customers beyond superficial CRM data due to an explosion in information complexity. Accrete enables leading organizations to optimize pricing strategies and manage reputation risk by continuously monitoring competitor prices and tracking narratives around the company and its products in social chatter at superhuman scale.

The digital revolution has created unprecedented information complexity. Accrete works with leading financial institutions including leading banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, RIAs, and trading firms to improve the workflow efficiency and productivity of analysts who are tasked with the impossible job of reading, understanding, and extracting predictive insights from vast volumes of dynamically changing text. Through the automation of specialized cognitive tasks, Accrete’s technologies give financial analysts a competitive edge by enabling them to process information more efficiently.

Minerva is the engine
powering our products
Minerva is our proprietary AI platform that we use internally to build AI products that perform real world tasks requiring human level understanding and explainability. As Minerva’s reach grows through the deployment of domain specific AI products, Minerva compounds knowledge, performs increasingly general tasks and connects interdisciplinary dots humans cannot.

Core Components

We use these powerful components to build our scalable AI products such as Argus and Supernova. Use Minerva to build your own AI workforce and transcend information complexity to make more accurate mission-critical decisions at lightning speed.
Data Hooks

Accrete Data Hooks ingest data from a plethora of messy unstructured and semi-structured external and internal data sources including social media, news, filings, PDFs and foreign language documents.

Data Hooks are available to customers and can be delivered as APIs.

Knowledge Functions

Knowledge Functions are modular building blocks of cognition that process and contextualize data to extract predictive insight. Knowledge Functions perform cognitive tasks such as automated entity extraction, entity normalization, entity linking, influence modeling, topic classification, semantic search, anomaly detection and semantic translation.

Knowledge Functions are available to customers and can be delivered as APIs.

Natural Interaction & Seamless Integration

Minerva enables natural user interaction with various dashboards and APIs for consuming insight, providing feedback and securely integrating Accrete’s AI products into existing enterprise workflows.

Users can assemble Minerva APIs such as Data Hooks for TikTok or Discord Listening, and Knowledge Functions for Bot Filtering and Authentic Engagement to create their own AI workforce.

Alternatively, users can configure pre-packaged templates that solve entire classes of information complexity problem such as talent discovery or lead generation.

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Why Accrete

We’re the standard setters for AI

We have set standards for performance, explainability, ethics and bias based on our adherence to the tenets of tradecraft in our work with the U.S. Department of Defense. These standards form the foundation for all of our products and solutions in both government and industry.

We’re the leaders in AI research for real-world applications

Our R&D efforts are always focused on customer pain points and real-world use cases. We believe the real world is the greatest incubator for new research ideas and opportunities.

We’re the external data gurus

We know how to effectively integrate unstructured external data that grows dynamically in complexity and changes contextually with your internal data for maximal impact.

Agility is in our DNA

Minerva enables the rapid production of continually learning AI that can perform a wide variety of work with human-level understanding and explainability. We plan to unleash the genius of our customers by releasing Minerva directly to end-users so that they can create their own game-changing AI products powered by their own tacit domain knowledge.

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