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Game-Changing Impact in Mission Critical Situations

J.P. Morgan:  "In this report, we explore the information contained in earnings call sentiment using novel, alternative data sets. Specifically, we look at the relationship between [Accrete’s model's] sentiment on capital returns and the subsequent dividend futures returns. Our analysis shows that the effects of management sentiment appear to be moderately significant on dividend futures returns in both statistical and economic terms."


The Future of Artificial Intelligence in National Security and Defense

The Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security and its Forward Defense practice held their latest public event on May 25, 2022, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence in National Security and Defense.” Accrete’s intent in partnering with the @Atlantic Council is to highlight limitations in the adoption of dual-use technologies in AI from a commercial perspective to help pave a more efficient way forward.

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Detect threats, mitigate risks, target misinformation, and more.


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Reach the best prospects, expand your network, and understand the market.

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AI Is Essential, But Why Accrete?

Our AI is intelligent enough to address our most pressing information complexity problems, such as misinformation and viral influence that existentially threaten national security, business, and civil society itself. Our AI is powerful enough to help solve these critical real-world problems at scale.

Our AI accumulates knowledge over time by doing so it applies learnings in increasingly general ways and uses them to connect interdisciplinary dots that surface novel predictive insights at super-human scale.

Our AI transcends rules. Our AI understands nuanced, dynamically changing domain-specific contexts, enabling it to perform cognitive tasks with human-level accuracy without explicit human instruction.

As our AI continuously learns implicitly from sparse training data, users never have to label data which means automating analytical work drives efficiency, growth by extracting predictive signals humans cannot, and high gross margins.

Our AI is explainable and built to the standard of the DoD and IC’s Tenets of Tradecraft. Explainability means understanding the provenance of an insight by revealing logical reasoning and attribution of underlying sources. We trust AI insights only when we understand where the insight came from and the relevant human and machine biases.

We know that our AI is becoming increasingly powerful and can be used to either manipulate or advance humanity. Through our work with leading Think Tanks, Defense, Intelligence, and business communities, we are setting standards for ethical and explainable AI. We are consciously committed to using our AI to unleash human genius.

Security is at the core of Accrete. Accrete follows best practices: AWS Well-Architected design; the NIST 800-53 security standard; universal encryption at rest for all customer data to AES 256 bit; data in transit encrypted using TLS 1.2 with perfect forward secrecy.

Meet our groundbreaking AI platform.

Accrete’s AI platform is always learning and evolving. By integrating a host of unique modular capabilities developed over a decade of research and innovation, our platform represents a new stage of capability for the scalable development of AI solutions.

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