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Simplifying Complexity

Investors are drowning in data. Searching through mountains of noise to find actionable insights is exhausting and wastes valuable mental energy. The consequence is biased decisions and underperformance. The human mind was meant for better things.

Headquartered in Lower Manhattan, Accrete builds tools that continuously read and understand vast volumes of information in specific contexts. Our tools extract and push key insights to users so that they can overcome bias and generate alpha in the digital era of markets.

Scaled Cognition

We improve the efficiency of the investment process by helping analysts, portfolio managers and traders spend less time searching for information and more time making well-informed decisions. Leveraging human expert networks and artificial intelligence we solve the problems of sparse training data, bias and context to produce results neither humans nor machines could achieve independently.

Rumor Hound
Rumor Hound
Actionable M&A Rumors
Continuously reads thousands of data sources to help you identify credible rumors in real time before competitors
Topic Deltas
Topic Deltas
Earnings Call Nuanced Insight
Monitors shifts in topical nuance and importance in management performance reports and analyst Q&A to surface macro themes
Data Distillery
Data Distillery
Supply Chain Intelligence
Reduces your research burden by continually scouring company filings for key supply chain information and saves your time finding the data
Rational Exuberance
Rational Exuberance
Federal Reserve Contextual Insights
Parses news, economic data, and confusing Fedspeak so you can better forecast interest rate changes
Most AI is Opaque
Only transparency builds trust
Unlike most AI today, Accrete delivers insights through a “glass box.” Our AI shows its logic, consistently building user trust.
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