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"Accrete's ability to automate contextual understanding from massive amounts of data to better understand adversary intent is a challenge faced across the supply chain risk management community. Accrete has demonstrated that modern data analytics techniques can outperform current methods in identifying potential foreign intelligence adversary influence in the Department of Defense supply chain. This solution is relevant to many Defense Department organizations.  

U.S. Department of Defense
"Accrete's AI has achieved expert-level accuracy and will dramatically increase our throughput directly translating to revenue growth. What Accrete does for CCG right now would have taken hundreds of man hours and thousands of man hours. It would’ve been almost impossible."

Mark Salzberg - Founder, Certified Collectibles Group | A Blackstone Portfolio Company
"Game changer!"

Leading Media and Entertainment Corporation
"The real-time price data Accrete provides us allows our company to stay competitive in the marketplace and capture more market share from our competitors."

Leading E-Commerce Company
JP Morgan Chase:  "In this report, we explore the information contained in earnings call sentiment using novel, alternative data sets. Specifically, we look at the relationship between [Accrete’s Topic Deltas] sentiment on capital returns and the subsequent dividend futures returns. Our analysis shows that the effects of management sentiment appear to be moderately significant on dividend futures returns in both statistical and economic terms."

J.P. Morgan Chase
"Accrete's AI enables me to identify warm leads that were previously invisible. Accrete's Lead Hawk platform provides me with everything I need to win business while also allowing me to search nationwide, by state, company size, renewal date, and even within a precise zip code radius.”

Dan Head - Leading Employee Benefits Broker

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In today’s global knowledge economy, diplomacy and warcraft have evolved. No longer are wars fought solely with missiles, tanks, and ships, and no longer is diplomacy as simple as world leaders meeting behind closed doors. In the digital age, diplomacy and warcraft are increasingly conducted through digital means and our adversaries are weaponizing information complexity. Accrete licenses its products to some of the largest government agencies to capture and scale tacit knowledge to detect anomalous activities and foreign threats faster.


Investment themes go in-and-out of favor constantly and for countless reasons. Capital flows can change quickly and unexpectedly. Investment professionals need to avoid being blindsided by unforeseen risk, capitalize on valuable opportunities, and ultimately know how to best allocate risk capital.

Argus provides a competitive edge by understanding global asset sentiment and narrative trends weighted by source accuracy to help predict highly probable shifts in capital flows.

More media is continuously consumed than ever before, across a multitude of channels on varying devices across the globe. Companies need to deeply understand their audiences and deliver personalized content to remain competitive. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to authentically engage audiences when surface-level user-generated statistics such as follower counts can be misleading. Accrete continuously ingests internal, paid, and public data sources to weigh user-generated content by influence, authenticity, and retention helping customers in the technology, media, and telecom industries identify commercially viable talent to invest in, prevent churn, optimize ad spend, tailor programming, and boost platform engagement.

Media Talent Scouting
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Collectibles Predictive Valuation
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Today the Ecommerce industry is facing intense competition, decreasing customer loyalty, market saturation, and overwhelming information complexity. It’s almost impossible for businesses to keep up with the competition and get to know their customers outside of their internal CRM. Accrete is helping leading businesses gain and maintain competitive advantage through real-time competitor pricing monitoring and price optimization; as well as enabling granular and comprehensive brand reputation monitoring across the web beyond the use of brand mentions and hashtags.

Use Cases

Get ahead of the competition by collecting real-time price and product data at scale to find profitable products to sell with smart pricing strategies and tactics.


Access real-time data-driven insights that show you how you're doing relative to your competition to make confident strategic decisions.


Take charge of your online brand reputation by gathering real-time data and listening to customer feedback at scale.

The digital revolution has created unprecedented information complexity. Accrete works with leading financial institutions including leading banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, RIAs, and trading firms to improve the workflow efficiency and productivity of analysts who are tasked with the impossible job of reading, understanding, and extracting predictive insights from vast volumes of dynamically changing text. Through the automation of specialized cognitive tasks, Accrete’s technologies give financial analysts a competitive edge by enabling them to process information more efficiently.

Minerva is the engine
powering our products
Minerva is our proprietary AI platform that we use internally to build AI products that perform real world tasks requiring human level understanding and explainability. As Minerva’s reach grows through the deployment of domain specific AI products, Minerva compounds knowledge, performs increasingly general tasks and connects interdisciplinary dots.

Core Components

Data Hooks

Accrete Data Hooks ingest data from a plethora of messy unstructured and semi-structured external and internal data sources including social media, news, filings, PDFs and foreign language documents.

Data Hooks are available to customers and can be delivered as APIs.

Knowledge Functions

Knowledge Functions are modular building blocks of cognition that process and contextualize data to extract predictive insight. Knowledge Functions perform cognitive tasks such as automated entity extraction, entity normalization, entity linking, influence modeling, topic classification, semantic search, anomaly detection and semantic translation.

Knowledge Functions are available to customers and can be delivered as APIs.

Natural Interaction & Seamless Integration

Minerva enables natural user interaction with various dashboards and APIs for consuming insight, providing feedback and securely integrating Accrete’s AI products into existing enterprise workflows.

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Why Accrete

We’re the standard setters for AI

We have set standards for performance, explainability, ethics and bias based on our adherence to the tenets of tradecraft in our work with the U.S. Department of Defense. These standards form the foundation for all of our products and solutions in both government and industry.

We’re the leaders in AI research for real-world applications

Our R&D efforts are always focused on customer pain points and real-world use cases. We believe the real world is the greatest incubator for new research ideas and opportunities.

We’re the external data gurus

We know how to effectively integrate unstructured external data that grows dynamically in complexity and changes contextually with your internal data for maximal impact. Our products know how to make sense of this unruly complexity and extract the relevant narratives and insights that can enhance internal/proprietary data.

Agility is in our DNA

Minerva enables the rapid production of continually learning AI that can perform a wide variety of work with human-level understanding and explainability. We’re simplifying cutting edge AI adoption at every level.

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