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We automate analytical tasks to scale human expertise and make accurate predictions about

The Problem
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Information Overload

The digital explosion has created so much complexity that is beyond human capacities

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Human Limitations

Humans get tired which diminishes the processing rate and understanding of information over time

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Data Insufficiency

Machines require huge volumes of often unavailable training data to learn accurately

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People make biased decisions.

Humans are ill-equipped to quantify and model volumes of complex unstructured information into predictive insights. As a consequence, decision makers miss valuable insights buried in the complexity and make their decisions on incomplete and biased analysis.

The Solution

Automated analytical tasks at scale

Accrete helps your organization scale up its analytical tasks with less effort, higher accuracy, and vastly increased productivity. We do this by building smart analytical tools that continuously read, understand, adapt, and learn in specialized ways, much like humans.


Hidden features uncovered

As the tools learn, they uncover hidden features buried in the complexity. These hidden features help surface predictive insights which would be impossible for even an army of human analysts to identify using traditional intelligence and tools.


Human experts in the loop

We specialize in overcoming sparse training data challenges by leveraging human experts to create semantically rich training data that feeds our dynamic continuously learning models. Experts only train ~0.1% of the total data ingested by our learning models, making our process highly scalable.


Applicable for different use cases

Our models underlie a platform with various capabilities including intelligent web crawling, contextual analytics, semantic search and more, that can be combined and configured in various ways to solve real-world problems.