Scale your tacit knowledge

Accrete knowledge functions enable machines to read, understand, and learn with human-level accuracy, boosting productivity in industries such as government, music, finance, and more.

Accrete's Viral Influence Knowledge Function

We Solve Information Complexity Problems

Accrete’s proprietary dynamic learning technologies capture and scale tacit human knowledge to make accurate predictions about

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Our Dynamic Learning Approach

Using custom contextual embeddings we create latent mathematical representations of tacit domain knowledge.

We use these representations to seed models that continuously learn by dynamically recalibrating neural architectures on the fly with minimal human feedback.

Our platform allows us to solve an entirely new class of real world problems by overcoming sparse training data, computational inefficiency and catastrophic forgetting. The result is human-level accuracy, minimal model training, tuning and maintenance costs, and higher value predictive insights.

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Accrete Knowledge Function

Solve Complexity

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