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Expert AI Agents for Decision Automation


Knowledge Loss occurs when an organization cannot leverage the tacit knowledge of its best experts due to information complexity.

Organizational Knowledge Loss

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The consequence of knowledge loss is a deterioration in decision making quality and loss of competitiveness.

To thrive in an era of exploding information complexity, organizations must be able to ask their data to predict the future and make complex split second decisions humans can’t due to the limits of biological reasoning.

Infinite Prompts, No Predictive Insights

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Without the human experts’ codified tacit knowledge and a semantic layer represented by a knowledge graph, LLMs cannot synthesize information and drive predictive insights across large collections of documents and unstructured data. The consequence is time wasted on infinite prompting attempting to extract relevant predictive insights from the system.

Cross-Industry Instances of The Problem

Infinite Swipe Media

Infinite Prompt ITSM

Infinite Search Defense Intelligence


Accrete’s Knowledge Engines Enable The Expert AI Agent Revolution.
Al agents powered by Accrete's Knowledge Engines can perform knowledge work even an army of human experts couldn't.

Accrete’s Knowledge Engines

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Knowledge Engines solve the problem of organizational knowledge loss by compressing human experts' tacit knowledge into knowledge graphs. These graphs semantically unify complex data silos enabling AI Agents to reason, learn, predict, and decide at scale and in perpetuity.

Predictive Insight, Decision Intelligence

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Accrete’s expert AI agents are seeded with tacit human domain knowledge to create superhuman human digital twins with a subjective worldview. Users can “jump into the mind” of an Accrete agent and see the world the way that agent sees it. The multi-agent framework enables multiple agents with different worldviews and expertise to work together to connect dots to predict the future in a way humans can’t.

Accrete Product Ecosystem


Nebula Social

Nebula ITSM

Nebula Supply Chain

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Argus Social

Argus Supply Chain

Argus ITSM

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Nebula Social /


Cultural Narrative Prediction for Leading Enterprises

Nebula Social™ enables you to predict and shape deep cultural narratives, capturing the mindshare of relevant audiences.


Nebula ITSM /


Intelligent IT
Change Management

Transform your IT service management stack into predictive engines for risk detection & incident remediation. Nebula ITSM is your expert AI Agent for IT Change Management.


Argus Social /


Online Narrative Threat Detection

Argus is a versatile AI Agent for anomaly detection that continuously analyzes vast volumes of dynamic unstructured data from social media.


Argus Supply Chain /


Foreign Political Influence Detection

Identify vulnerabilities and reveal hidden insights to protect your supply chain from foreign political risk and bad actors.


J.P. Morgan:  "In this report, we explore the information contained in earnings call sentiment using novel, alternative data sets. Specifically, we look at the relationship between [Accrete’s model's] sentiment on capital returns and the subsequent dividend futures returns. Our analysis shows that the effects of management sentiment appear to be moderately significant on dividend futures returns in both statistical and economic terms."

Our Technology

The Art and Science of Building Knowledge Engines

Our core technology allows for modular configuration of Knowledge Engines that transform data into knowledge through versatile AI Agents, accumulating interdisciplinary insights beyond human capacity.

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