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Scale your tacit knowledge

Accrete's custom-built AI platform for continuous dynamic learning is comprised of modular building blocks called 'Knowledge Functions'. These knowledge functions boost analytical productivity by scaling human expertise and automating complex analytical workflows.

Scaling Tacit Knowledge

Knowledge functions capture and scale tacit domain knowledge, enabling machines to read, learn, and understand in specialized ways.

Underlying Accrete's Knowledge Functions are models that simulate memory across varying timescales. These models continuously learn by dynamically recalibrating neural architectures on the fly with minimal human feedback. The result is human-level accuracy, minimal training, tuning, and low maintenance costs.

Accrete Knowledge Functions

Accrete’s AI platform powers smart applications that provide leading enterprises a significant edge in combating real-world information complexity.

Enterprise Data Scientists and Developers can consume Knowledge Functions directly via API to give proprietary applications the ability to process and contextualize dynamically changing unstructured data.

Alternatively, enterprise end-users can consume continuously learning SaaS-based apps that are powered by various combinations of Accrete Knowledge Functions.

Featured Use Cases

Rumor Hound

Source Popularity


Intelligent Web Discovery


Source Reliability

Market moving M&A rumors that emanate from seemingly innocuous chat rooms, blogs, and social chatter can significantly impact the risk profile of financial institutions. Rumour Hound helps financial institutions manage risk and generate alpha by continuously monitoring the propagation and reliability of M&A rumors.

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Topic Deltas

Topic Classification


Contextual Relevance


Contextual Sentiment

It's impossible for human Financial Analysts to identify anomalous shifts in topical sentiment across dozens of earnings calls in realtime. Topic Deltas boosts analytical productivity by continuously transcribing and analyzing earnings calls. Topic Deltas first understands industry-specific context and then by classifies language into relevant topics and measures sentiment with expert-level accuracy.

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Solve Complexity

Learn more about how we are solving real world information complexity problems for our clients

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