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Accrete's Nebula platform is a modular AI platform that powers our configurable analytical AI Agents. Just as stars emerge from random clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium, and plasma called Nebulae, Accrete’s Nebula platform continuously reads, understands, and learns at scale, transforming random data into relevant knowledge. Through its configurable analytical AI Agents, Accrete Nebula continuously accumulates interdisciplinary knowledge connecting dots and surfacing predictive insights that are beyond human capacity.

At Nebula’s core are continuous learning, few-shot learning, contextual understanding, natural interaction, self-perpetuating knowledge graphs, uniquely modified transformers, and large language models.


AI Model Access Simplification

Bias Management & Reduction

Continual Learning & Adaptation

Data Consolidation & Federation

Effortless Interaction with Models

Few-Shot Learning & AI Model Scalability

behind nebula

Explore Nebula's core components that make it so powerful.

Data Hooks

Our proprietary Data Hooks enable you to integrate data from multi-structured and multi-modal data sources, including news, social media, corporate filings, foreign language documents, PDFs, and more. With the ability to map and normalize information from external and internal sources, Data Hooks also offer the capability to draw on your users’ internal and private data sources and databases.


Knowledge Functions

Knowledge Functions are an evolving toolkit of AI models for cognitive tasks such as data extraction, normalization, linking, influence modeling, topic classification, semantic search, anomaly detection, and semantic translation. Knowledge Functions make sense of ingested data by learning implicitly from sparse domain-specific training data to accumulate knowledge that can be used to automate analytical work at scale and turn massive amounts of data into relevant insights to drive better decisions.

Explore Knowledge Functions

Utilities for Natural Interaction

Utilities for Natural Interaction enable models to learn from user feedback through natural interaction while enabling users to understand and control for machine bias. Utilities for Natural Interaction include Generative Natural Language Interfaces, xAI (Explainable AI), Interactive Knowledge Graphs, Access Control, Automated Report Generation, Intelligent Notifications,  APIs, Intuitive Dashboards, etc. The insights generated by AI are only as good as users' ability to access and leverage it. That's why we’re committed to delivering actionable intelligence in a scalable and accessible way.

intelligent, accessible, effective

Take your AI concept to production in record speed. Accrete automatically adjusts to contextual changes in data sets and quickly incorporates unfamiliar data points through continual learning, with minimal human feedback.


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Accrete’s modular architecture and versatile tools allow you to configure solutions easily at any scale.


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Accrete is designed with the goal of making AI accessible for all by offering simplified processes to build solutions while minimizing the time required for data labeling and training.


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We work closely with customers and industry experts to establish and capture individual performance benchmarks on the precision and recall of their models.


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AI shouldn’t be a black box. In fact, users trust AI more when they understand how it produces insights. That’s why explainability is at the core of our AI.


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We help our clients use AI to fight organizational bias. The Accrete Platform is designed to test and accumulate unbiased knowledge through ongoing interaction with users and user data.


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