Identify vulnerabilities and reveal hidden insights to protect your supply chain from foreign political risk and bad actors.


Most data in the world is public, with many foreign threats hiding in plain sight. Given the sheer volume of the data, it is difficult for decision-makers and defense analysts to locate those threats and protect the U.S. supply chain.

Argus Supply Chain reads, understands, and learns from an exploding universe of dynamic, unstructured data in multiple languages, including news, blogs, think tank publications, strategy papers, and financial filings.

Argus Supply Chain automatically extracts, normalizes, and maps relationships between entities, models influence, and surfaces behavioral anomalies indicative of potentially illicit activity that could impact the U.S. supply chain.


Protect AGAINST nefarious influence

Supply chain data is a massive gray space. The data is purposely obscured for competitive or nefarious reasons, highly fragmented, and mostly unstructured. No one provider can comprehensively depict the entire landscape.

Argus Supply Chain finds insights among the multitude of fine-grain data to enable U.S. organizations and their suppliers to identify political influence over suppliers, export control violations, prohibited suppliers, and more.

Argus Supply Chain delivers unparalleled reading comprehension at scale and derives insights to predict critical defense and business vulnerabilities that otherwise would be impossible to spot.

AI That Thinks Before It Speaks

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Supply Chain Risk Management

The U.S. Department of Defense uses Argus to read through an exploding universe of open-source web and public data in multiple languages, identifying dozens of questionable activities and actors that an army of human analysts could not.

Only seconds to Detect foreign nefarious influence
Thousands of hours of human analysis

“Armed with this new capability, DoD has already searched and analyzed...

...millions of records and identified dozens of Chinese tech investment firms with illicit operations across the globe.

DoD has also been able to expose the networks and methods
these firms use to access critical AI technologies.”

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Go beyond what's possible

Based on Argus’ blazing speed and scale, in seconds, analysts can research and visualize complex relationships that would have taken at least a month of steady research and annotation.

efficiency and insight

Argus Supply Chain continuously learns and expands its knowledge corpus hence delivering users high-value mission-critical insights beyond human capacity at a decreasing cost per insight.


Accrete’s models learn implicitly and require no explicit rules or labeling. We use few-shot learning to train our models faster without compromising accuracy. Once set up, no further data labeling or costly model maintenance is required from the user.

Key Features


Continuously reading through
the open-source web at scale and at speed


Our AI models automatically extract, normalize, and map entities at scale


Powerful knowledge graph surfaces connections and predictive insights in an explainable way


Continuously learning, no user labeling or model retraining, no army of annotators on the backend

argus supply chain is for

Federal Systems Integrators

You have a team of data scientists and technology experts who provide consulting services to the public sector on technology (VARs, Gov Consultants, ISVs)

Argus enables you to protect national security, ensure your clients comply with regulatory requirements, and prevent potential supply chain disruptions or financial losses for your clients.

Defense industrial base

You are required to provide high-quality products that meet strict government standards, regulations, performance, and security.

Argus enables you to ensure that your suppliers and subcontractors comply with government regulations, such as those related to export controls.

complex supply chain enterprises

You are the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) or Chief Procurement Officer at a large corporation ensuring a 360 SCRM approach. Knowing and trusting your first-tier suppliers alone is no longer sufficient.

Argus empowers you with comprehensive visibility into your suppliers, enabling you to select and collaborate with reliable partners who will safeguard your supply chain from any intentional or unintentional disruptions.


You manufacture and/or distribute technology while relying on a complex global supply chain to produce and distribute your products to enterprises and often government organizations.

Argus enables you to secure your supply chain from covert foreign adversary influence and financial risks, comply with strict requirements and regulations, and protect your reputation.

u.s. government and public sector

You care about protecting the U.S. supply chain and national security from adversary foreign influence. You are from DOD, DHS, DOC, DOS, or IC.

Argus enables you to protect our country from national security threats, promote safe economic growth and support U.S. businesses, advance U.S. foreign policy objectives and protect U.S. interests abroad, and collect and analyze intelligence to support U.S. national security.


You collaborate with other journalists, both nationally and internationally, to share information and resources to uncover stories that have far-reaching impacts.

Argus enables you to investigate whether U.S. companies with supply chain ties to high-risk entities are potentially compromised by foreign government influence and whether this influence poses a threat to national security or economic prosperity.

Argus Insights

Improved Export Controls Enforcement Technology Needed for U.S. National Security

As technology has become increasingly central to strategic competition with Russia and China, export controls have moved to the forefront of U.S. national security.

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Sanctions & Compliance
Trade Compliance
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