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Argus is an explainable strategic intelligence gathering product that detects anomalies buried in information complexity. Argus continuously reads through an increasing universe of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sources in multiples languages and automatically extracts, normalizes, and maps entities in a knowledge graph to model influence and detect anomalies without any user labeling.

In government, Argus is an invaluable tool in identifying foreign actors seeking to covertly influence the U.S. supply chain through financial means. Additionally, Argus is useful in background checking; detecting potential informants in academia and industry; targeted forensic search, and code similarity search. On the commercial side, Argus is useful in anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer.

Case Study

Make Better Decisions

Identify the noise that has been created to throw you off the scent. An example of how noise is being used to distract and confuse is how foreign adversaries are intentionally obscuring behavior with information complexity that threatens the U.S. Supply Chain.

With Argus you can discover the shortest path to the truth. Argus autonomously processes and contextualizes the exponentially growing universe of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data to piece together a dynamic mosaic of companies, people, places, relationships, narratives, and investment flows.

Argus benchmarks narratives against global money flow to differentiate between what is said and what is done.

Argus connects the dots and surfaces game-changing predictive insights to help your team drastically shorten and improve the decision making cycle.

Total articles
Growing at ~1M a week
Total entities
Relationships inferred
Investment projects in 180+ countries

Differentiated Features

Autonomous Discovery

Accrete’s Intelligent Web Discovery Knowledge Function enables Argus to continuously scour the web and ingest an ever-expanding universe of millions of data sources across multiple languages. Intelligent Web Discovery rapidly expands the breadth and depth of coverage, drastically reducing the user’s research burden.

Semantic Search

Accrete’s Semantic Search Knowledge Function enables Argus users to transcend semantically inaccurate and time-consuming keyword and index search by understanding the intent of the user’s query.

Continual Learning

Accrete’s continuously learning AI technology is the key to scaling the ability of a machine to understand and adapt to the contextually fluid nature of dynamically changing unstructured data. Continual learning makes it possible for Accrete’s AI products to perform complex cognitive tasks with human-level accuracy and explainability.

Extendable Technology

Accrete’s AI products are built using Accrete’s modular Minerva platform. Minerva’s Data Hooks, Knowledge Functions, Natural Interaction and Integration components can be configured to perform human-level work across any domain.

Case Study

Supply Chain Risk Analysis | U.S. Department of Defense


Argus is a mature enterprise AI solution built for and deployed by the Department of Defense for supply chain risk analysis using real-time insight-extraction, discovery, and visualization. With Argus, it is possible to identify and prevent risk in real-time. We specialize in automated entity extraction, contextualized relationship mapping, weighted influence models, and anomalous behavior detection from a wide variety of structured and unstructured data.

Accrete beat 65 leading enterprise analytics and AI companies to win a significant contract with the Department of Defense that is now being deployed into a production environment.

Vast possibilities
Ingest massive volumes of unstructured and structured data
Automated Contextual Understanding
Expert Level Accuracy & Explainability
No User Labeling Required
Continual Learning & User Interaction
Semantic Language Translation
Anomaly Detection
What Makes Argus Powerful

Argus is able to learn and understand without explicit user instruction. This ability to learn implicitly enables Argus to accurately perform cognitive work at scale, without time-consuming manual labeling. With limited training data, Argus can improve accuracy by understanding and adapting to dynamically changing contexts.

What’s Possible With Argus
Provide analysts with the adversary's point of view
Ingest massive volumes of unstructured and structured data
Continuously populate a knowledge graph
Rapidly test and validate hypotheses
Automatically extract, normalize and link entities without user labeling
Generate reports with AI explainability
Translate foreign languages using proprietary models for optimal semantic accuracy

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Background Checking
Supply Chain Risk Management
Code Similarity Search
Protecting Against Misinformation Campaigns
Targeted Forensic Search
Informant Detection in Academia & Industry

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