Peter Bierfeldt Joins Accrete AI as CISO

June 28, 2021

LOWER MANHATTAN, NY, NEW YORK, U.S. June 28th, 2021 /Press Release/

Accrete, a leading enterprise AI software provider headquartered in Lower Manhattan, is thrilled to welcome Peter Bierfeldt as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).  Peter will be responsible for building upon existing security and privacy controls to establish a FedRAMP and SOC 2 compliant environment.  Peter will lead a world-class cybersecurity team to establish AI-first infosec standards and protocols pertaining to continuous learning, digital privacy, AI explainability, performance, and bias. 


Peter has over 30 years of experience in information technology and cybersecurity.  He has recently served as the Chief Information Security Officer, and Head of Compliance for Reltio Inc.  Peter has a passion for Cloud security and privacy and built the security program for Reltio from the ground up into a world-class security organization. 

Prior to Reltio, Peter has led large, complex information technology initiatives at GlaxoSmithKline and IQVIA.  In addition, he has a robust consulting background working with Deloitte Consulting and Agile Software, enabling him to leverage lessons learned and best practices in information technology across many different industries.   

“We are thrilled to welcome Peter to Accrete as Chief Information Security Officer.  The value of Accrete’s AI platform to customers is that it enables customers to grow in previously unimaginable ways.  Since our platform continuously learns, it’s able to perform high-value work that requires expert-level human understanding but customers have to be able to trust the AI first,” said Prashant Bhuyan, Founder and CEO of Accrete AI.  “It’s all about trust.  We take our responsibility of providing explainable, secure, accurate, and ethical AI to customers very seriously, because without trust users cannot depend on our AI.  We are setting new standards for trustworthy AI every day.  We are excited to leverage Peter’s nuanced understanding of the security aspects of AI to help customers transcend the limitations of SaaS-based automation and accelerate customer adoption for Accrete.”

“Many people discuss machine learning and artificial intelligence in the future tense,” said Mr. Bierfeldt.  “What excites me about the opportunity at Accrete AI is that the future has arrived with the Accrete AI platform, and security plays a vital role for our customers. The unique insights and competitive advantage provided by Accrete AI to its customers must remain confidential while maintaining high availability and exceptional performance.  I look forward to building out strong security processes to address our customer’s security needs.”   

About Accrete.AI

Accrete is an enterprise AI company headquartered in Lower Manhattan.  Accrete’s continuously learning AI platform transforms underutilized data and expertise into artificial intelligence.  Accrete has been enabling leading organizations in industries such as defense, media and entertainment, finance, real estate, health care, and collectibles to boost ROI by increasing efficiency and producing novel profit centers.

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Nicholas Potts
VP of Sales and Marketing Operations, Accrete

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