Accrete Attends IBM Think 2019 in California

December 19, 2018

February 12-15th, Accrete will be descending upon San Fransisco, California to attend IBM Think 2019, this is IBM's flagship conference aimed at delivering the latest in technical training, strategic expertise and an educational environment for attendees to learn impactful lessons about continuing to remain competitive in today's changing world. The event promises to be a huge opportunity for leaders of emerging technologies to come together and network, share their expertise and hear about the successes and challenges faced by global business leaders and industry disruptors.

"We are on the verge of an AI disruption that is changing the face of every industry. As the leader of AI for business, we at IBM can’t wait to share our knowledge to help you transform."

Dr. John Kelly III, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Solutions and Research

Prashant Bhuyan, CEO, is an IBM Champion and will speaking at the event on the following topic, "Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Investors and Bankers Source M&A Rumors Before the Market". Accrete's mission is to help investors overcome biases caused by information overload, make better decisions and generate alpha in the digital age. We accomplish this by building smart tools that continuously read and understand huge volumes of information in very specific contexts. Our tools extract insights buried in the nuances of language and push these insights to portfolio managers, traders and analysts through a "glass box" that exposes the reasoning behind the outputs so that they can spend less time searching for information and more time making well-informed decisions. We leverage expert networks together with AI to solve problems related to sparse training data, producing more accurate results than either humans or machines.

We'd invite you to attend the talk;

Thursday 14th February
4:30- 5:10 pm
(Session ID: 2528A)

At the following location;

Moscone South,
Exhibit Level,
Hall B
San Francisco Ballroom 211

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