CTO Vision: Accrete scales human expertise

May 3, 2020

CTOvision.com write and research about technology, with a focus on topics of relevance to enterprise technologists. Founded by Bob Gourley, Editor and Publisher, in 2007. Bob is extremely experienced in the world of technology and is the CTO and Co-Founder of OODA LLC, an Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity consultancy and founder of Crucial Point LLC. Posted 2nd May 2020 CTO Vision listed Accrete.ai in their Directory of Disruptive IT as an Artificial Intelligence company and wrote the following article.

Accrete was founded in 2017 as an artificial intelligence company that builds proprietary dynamic learning technologies called Knowledge Functions designed to boost analytical productivity by scaling human expertise and automating analytical tasks.

CTO Vision have watched this firm for quite a while and know the quality and mission focus of their federal leadership and believe the firm is worth consideration by any organization in the federal space seeking to leverage technology to empower their human workforce to make better decisions. The same is true of commercial entities of course, Accrete is already being widely adopted by firms seeking to build smart analytical tools in multiple industries, including the financial sector, real estate, entertainment/music and even collectibles.

Founded by Prashant Bhuyan, a technologist with not only serious chops in the invention of real world AI, but a great way of presenting his solutions. Accrete’s Knowledge Functions comprise of latent mathematical representations of tacit human knowledge that seed models that dynamically recalibrate neural architectures on the fly with minimal feedback, resolving issues related to catastrophic forgetting. As a result, Accrete’s Knowledge Functions capture and scale tacit knowledge by enabling machines to accurately understand and adapt to changing contexts. Accrete’s Knowledge Functions are powering domain specific applications that accurately filter self-promotion to identify authentically engaged users; gauge influence to predict viral potential; track the propagation of rumors; and more. Accrete AI began by building and licensing applications that would help financial analysts predict market-moving merger and acquisition rumors and transcribe and analyze scores of earnings calls simultaneously in real time with human level granularity and accuracy.

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