Accrete Secures Grant to Help with COVID-19 Treatment

April 30, 2020

New York based AI firm helps identify COVID-19 survivors to increase local plasma donations.

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Apr. 27, 2020) - Artificial Intelligence firm ‘Accrete AI’ secured a grant from Differential Ventures to aid the global search for a resolution to coronavirus. Accrete is helping a major non-profit identify and engage COVID-19 survivors to maximize plasma donations by enabling machines to continuously read through user-generated content across various social media platforms.

On March 29th, Differential Ventures announced an available fund of $500,000 to be awarded to start-ups that specialize in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Accrete.AI was one of the first companies to be awarded a grant to adapt their existing technology to help bring this crisis to an end.

“Accrete.AI’s immediate objective is to adapt our dynamic learning technology to collect convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients to help accelerate the recovery time of newly infected coronavirus victims”, comments Prashant Bhuyan, Founder and CEO.

Accrete.AI’s proprietary models and algorithms dynamically recalibrate neural architectures in real-time as the context of information changes with minimal feedback, resolving problems associated with catastrophic forgetting. Accordingly, Accrete.AI’s modular technologies known as Knowledge Functions are capable of dynamically processing and contextualizing social chatter in novel ways to gauge authenticity; map user influence; and predict viral potential.

“We were delighted to find out that we were going to be one of the first recipients of the Differential Ventures COVID-19 Grant” explains Prashant Bhuyan, “We believe that the COVID-19 use case is just the start. Eventually, we can extend our platform of Knowledge Functions to serve as the foundational blueprint for driving optimal platelet collection strategies and many more life-saving endeavors.”

About Accrete.AI
Accrete’s dynamic learning platform consists of proprietary mathematical models and algorithms called Knowledge Functions that enable machines to read, understand, and learn in specialized ways with human-level accuracy. Accrete creates latent mathematical representations of tacit domain knowledge that seed self-learning models with context. These models dynamically recalibrate neural architectures 'on the fly' with minimal human feedback, resulting in greater accuracy and predictive value. Accrete’s AI technologies solve real-world problems and boost analytical productivity in industries such as defense, music, finance, real estate, health care, and collectibles. For more information, visit

About Differential Ventures
Differential Ventures invests in companies that deploy new enterprise solutions to automate, analyze, act upon, and secure the massive amounts of data being created each day. There is a gap in early-stage funding from institutional VCs that can add significant value to startups beyond just capital. Differential Ventures is uniquely positioned to be the first check-in to a company and to help scale portfolio companies to the next stage of growth. As operators, Differential Ventures partners have been leaders across product, sales, marketing, legal, accounting, and finance. For more information, visit

Press Contact
For additional information, or to schedule an interview with Accrete AI executives, please contact:
Nick Potts
VP of Sales Operations and Marketing

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