Accrete AI Acquires Shinrai for its Web Scraping Platform

August 20, 2021

LOWER MANHATTAN, NY, NEW YORK, U.S. June 14th, 2021 /Press Release/

Accrete, a leading enterprise AI software provider, has acquired Shinrai, an AI platform that gathers product reviews, pricing, and brand reputation data from the web. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in midtown Manhattan, Shinrai specializes in automating the traversal, collection, and transformation of messy, unstructured, and semi-structured web data into actionable insights for eCommerce companies looking to monitor competitors and brand reputation.

Shinrai provides enterprise customers with a user-friendly no-label dashboard replete with real-time visualization, anomaly detection, explainability, and alerts. Shinrai empowers its customers by intelligently and continuously extracting relevant web data with a high degree of reliability and accuracy, without the need for costly user labeling, helping customers boost efficiency and drive growth in novel ways.

"Together with Accrete’s breakthrough innovations in continual learning and automated entity extraction, intelligent normalization, and contextual entity linking, Shinrai’s unique web scraping technology will propel Accrete closer to solving the grand challenge of generalized AI-driven web scraping, a milestone that would have incredible commercial implications,” said Prashant Bhuyan, Founder and CEO of Accrete AI. Prashant Bhuyan goes on to add, "Transforming our customers into high growth enterprises by using our AI to boost efficiency and unlock hidden profit centers is why we exist. The Shinrai acquisition will turbocharge our ability to create value for customers by offloading the complex and tedious job of continuously scouring the web for business insight to the AI.”

"Accrete AI has demonstrated its significance in the marketplace by pushing complex prototypes into production at a breakneck speed. Accrete has been delivering game-changing results to some of the most demanding customers in the world such as the Department of Defense and leading organizations in finance, media & entertainment, and eCommerce. Accrete is ushering in a new era of knowledge work," said George Farah, President & Chief Operating Officer of Shinrai, who will remain with the company as Director of Growth. Farah concludes, "We are excited to be part of Accrete because its growth rate and trajectory are exhilarating. Moreover, Accrete is what is real and useful in AI. We are looking forward to helping Accrete win global market share in real-world AI.”

About Accrete.AI

Accrete is an enterprise AI company headquartered in Lower Manhattan. Accrete’s continuously learning AI platform transforms underutilized data and expertise into artificial intelligence. Accrete has been enabling leading organizations in industries such as defense, media and entertainment, finance, real estate, health care, and collectibles to boost ROI by increasing efficiency and producing novel profit centers.

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