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Detect threats, mitigate risks, target misinformation, and more.

Accrete empowers defense and intelligence analysts to manage supply chain risk by flagging bad actors actively working to obscure identities and avoid sanctions; Detect vulnerabilities in microprocessor assembly code; Counter misinformation campaigns before they go viral leveraging novel social media exploitation and counter misinformation capabilities; and more.


Protect against insider threats, large-scale misinformation campaigns, and more.

By leveraging our solutions, information security analysts Identify, predict, and protect against insider threats by continuously reading through and understanding the context of emails, chats, and other types of messy, unstructured data.


Find hidden insights and generate alpha faster.

Private Equity, Venture Capital, and other financial analysts use Accrete's Smart Table Extraction (STX) solution every day to automatically read through pitch decks and presentations at scale to make better, faster decisions about investment opportunities. Our AI identifies relevant financial tables, extracts key information, normalizes named entity variants, and synthesizes narratives.


Understand buyer sentiment, optimize inventory, and build brand loyalty.

Sales Managers and retail executives automatically generate digital marketing content from feature lists tuned to regional and colloquial idiosyncrasies to entice car buyers to buy cars, homes, and other products. Accrete's solutions help save countless hours of manual copywriting while driving sales growth.


Reach the best prospects, expand your network, and understand the market.

Accrete's Network Intelligence for Insurance (NII) solution helps carriers, brokers, service providers, and insurtechs sort massive data sets from disparate sources to quickly locate the best prospects, expand their network, map distribution networks, and accelerate market research.


Discover the next big thing before anyone else.

Major media & entertainment companies are using our solutions to automate talent acquisition. Our AI continuously reads through an exploding universe of social chatter to filter bots, creates unified profiles by normalizing named entity variants across platforms, and measures authentic engagement of audiences to model viral influence and predict breakout stars.

the accrete difference

Transformative Dual-Use AI

Accrete delivers scalable, configurable dual-use AI solutions that automate complex analytical workflows for both government and enterprise customers with a focus on defense, intelligence, and cybersecurity. Accrete’s solutions not only reduce costs and improve efficiencies but also drive growth by extracting valuable predictive insights from a deluge of messy, contradictory, and biased language that even armies of human analysts could not due to limitations of the biological brain and traditional analytics tools.

know the difference


Much of what is marketed as AI is actually static machine learning that cannot scale. Static “AI” isn’t really AI because it isn’t powerful enough to understand what it’s reading and remember what it’s learned. Static AI is not smart enough to address our most pressing information complexity problems, such as misinformation and viral influence that existentially threaten national security, business, and civil society itself.


What most “AI” companies don’t tell you is that they have an army of data labelers on the back end working tirelessly to try and maintain the accuracy of narrowly defined rules-based machine learning models that aren’t really that useful beyond simple robotic process automation tasks. Worse, performance fails when context changes, requiring models to be retrained, requiring more labeled training data.


At Accrete, we’ve spent the last 15 years creating novel architectures for continuous dynamic learning to create AI, intelligent enough to learn implicitly from sparse training data without the need for inordinate manual data labeling. Our AI learns at a rate that grows inversely proportional to the amount of effort required to train it. We don’t need thousands of data labelers on the back end, nor do our users need to label data in order to automate complex analytical work and find predictive insights in unstructured data that are beyond human capacity. The Accrete difference is that our AI is powerful enough to solve important real-world problems.

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