Using Nebula Social to Analyze Influence Score and Launch a Marketing Campaign Around Mobile Gaming

March 13, 2024
Insights: Nebula Social

TLDR: Nebula Social is an AI Agent that analyzes social media posts to predict and generate viral narratives. In this case, we focused it on the gaming community, identifying top influencers based on influence scores rather than follower counts..Nebula Social's knowledge graph acts as a digital brain, enabling continuous learning and collaboration among AI agents across different domains, leading to powerful interdisciplinary predictions over time. The AI Agent analyzed a vast number of social media data to pinpoint influential accounts, providing a strategic advantage for targeted and effective engagement in cultural conversations.

Nebula Social, an AI agent for viral narrative prediction and automated content generation, was seeded with accounts that typically post about mobile and console video games and updates within the gaming industry. The agent analyzed over 4,000 posts and 84,000 comments from 1,014 influencers, uncovering 28 distinct narratives. To do this, the agent evaluates each narrative, determining both the mindshare - a number representing the percentage of neo-influencer accounts within the network posting about a particular narrative - and the likelihood of it going viral, independent of mindshare. The agent also goes on to evaluate the top influencers, who have the highest rate and ability to make narratives and posts go viral, and assigns each influencer an influence score, which is updated daily and not correlated with the number of followers but rather success at posting narratives likely to go viral. 

When asked to determine who the top influencers in the gaming and mobile games network were, the agent could determine who the top influencers were and give insight into their following numbers, the platform they were using, and their influence score–by which they were ranked.

AI chat agent, Kepler, showing the list of the top influencers

When the agent was further tasked with creating a marketing plan and campaign for collaboration with the influencers being tracked in this network, the agent was able to determine which influencer would be most effective at driving the message, lay out a marketing plan, and write the content of the tweets that the influencer would post. The agent recommended working with MARVELSNAP over blue_thundergaming despite having around 500,000 fewer followers due to the higher influence score as well as the social platform requested being X. 

Kepler showing the marketing strategy and content generation for a mobile baseball game.

Nebula Social's capacity to evaluate an account's influence within a community allows organizations to pinpoint which accounts are driving discussions, rather than solely focusing on follower counts. Through temporal and contextual analyses, this ensures that campaigns effectively leverage the influence of the accounts they engage with, thereby maximizing the reach of their content.

About Nebula Social

Nebula Social is a platform and AI agent that helps users understand and predict cultural narratives in the communities they care about. From a set of ground truths, in the form of seed accounts or catalyzing events, the agent autonomously maps communities based on the accounts, narratives, and content that the participants in the network are posting and reacting to. In doing so, the agent is able to discover new and relevant voices and categorize influencers and creators based on their relative influence on the conversations in the community. Because Nebula Social continuously analyzes social media chatter and conversation across the ever-expanding network, the AI agent is able to predict the emergent narratives that are most likely to go viral in the network. This empowers users to cultural shifts in real-time, fostering deeper connections and more informed participation in the conversations shaping their world.

The knowledge graph on the dashboard represents the AI Agent’s dynamic knowledge corpus that can be seen as a digital brain.  It enables the AI Agent to reason from ground truth, understand dynamic context, learn the domain, predict viral narratives, decide what’s relevant, and create social media campaigns at a superhuman scale. 

Nebula Social’s knowledge graph serves as the digital brain of the network

The Agent’s digital brain enables the agent to have long-term memory, learn continuously from human feedback as well as from other agents, and collaborate with other AI agents that are experts in different domains. Multiple Nebula AI Agents’ accreting knowledge across domains contribute new domain-specific knowledge and insight to an ever-expanding universal semantic model that drives increasingly powerful interdisciplinary predictions, decisions, and actions over time. Accordingly, in the context of its truth kernel, the Nebula Social AI Agent can, in this case, predict the emergence and evolution of gaming-related tweets and TikToks emerging from this continually expanding network of neo-influencers.

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