Israel-Hamas War Disinformation Part II: Circulating Narratives amongst Hamas Propaganda Accounts

November 7, 2023

Nebula Social, an AI Agent seeded with accounts known to spread disinformation in the context of the Israel-Hamas war on X, has autonomously discovered a network of neo-influencers that are able to publish viral propaganda and disinformation and influence the hearts and minds of people. Two of the emergent viral narratives that Nebula Social discovered are event-driven disinformation and deception to spread both political and psychological propaganda and spur public outrage.

Nebula Social predicted the emergence of the following viral disinformation narratives before any major news sources.  

Narrative 1 - Hostage Video

The first narrative was based on a video shared of three Israeli hostages who are criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu for the hostage situation. In the video posted, there is a transcript of the video posted in Arabic, which blames the entire hostage situation and conflict on Netanyahu, telling him that they were supposed to be released, but through Netanyahu’s military and political failure, they are still captive. The obviously coerced video garnered a response from Netanyahu, who called it psychological propaganda, as well as many of the seeded accounts, who lauded the video as fact.

Translation of the transcript posted in Arabic. Important to note the women are not speaking in Arabic in the video.

Nebula Social Screenshot: Full view of the Knowledge Graph.

Nebula Social Screenshot: Knowledge Graph showing the connection between the account that published the video from the screenshot and the trending narrative.

Nebula Social Screenshot: Shows it is the second most likely narrative to go viral. The mindshare metric shows the peak percent of accounts in a network talking about a narrative on a given day within the timeframe analyzed.

Nebula Social Screenshot: Kepler Chat Agent’s response to the video.

Narrative 2 - Fake Leaked Documents

The second narrative revolves around alleged leaked documents purporting to show that Israel pre-planned the attack with the intent of expelling the two million Palestinians from Gaza. Nebula Social was able to show this report has not been verified and is being disputed, leading Accrete to determine that it was likely another disinformation campaign being circulated. Nebula Social explained the narrative evolution as of October 29: “There are allegations of a major breach in Israeli intelligence, with leaked documents suggesting that the war in Gaza was preplanned with the intention of expelling two million Palestinians. The Israeli army is reportedly engaged in violent clashes with Hamas in northwest Gaza. An American military expert predicts that the Israelis will face significant challenges and a difficult situation.” This alleged leak circulated within the Hamas Propaganda network was another attempt at starting an event-driven response of public outrage even though the report was unverifiable.

Nebula Social Screenshot: Showing this narrative is highly likely to go viral compared with other narratives in the network.

About Nebula Social

The Nebula Social AI Agent uses the ground truth seed provided by the user and autonomously creates a semantic model or a knowledge graph in the form of a Network around hundreds of “neo-influencers” that it discovers on its own. Neo-influencers are social media accounts analogous to lightning rods, meaning that content published by these accounts is most likely to get promoted by the AI models employed by social media platforms to go viral for reasons too complex for humans to predict. The Nebula Social AI Agent continuously analyzes social media chatter and predicts emergent narratives most likely to go viral emanating from this network of neo-influencers. 

The AI Agent’s knowledge graph is the Agent’s digital brain that enables it to reason from ground truth, understand dynamic context, learn the domain, predict viral narratives, decide what’s relevant, and create counter-disinformation responses at superhuman scale. The Agent’s superhuman digital brain enables the agent to have long-term memory, learn continuously from human feedback as well as from other agents, and collaborate with other AI agents that are experts in different domains. Multiple Nebula AI Agents’ accreting knowledge across domains contribute new domain-specific knowledge and insight to an ever-expanding universal semantic model that drives increasingly powerful interdisciplinary predictions, decisions, and actions over time. Accordingly, in the context of its truth kernel, the Nebula Social AI Agent can, in this case, predict the emergence and evolution of viral Hamas propaganda emerging from this continually expanding network of neo-influencers.

Additional Supporting Nebula Social Screenshots

Nebula Social Screenshot: Knowledge Graph of the Hostage video narrative.

Nebula Social Screenshot: Knowledge Graph shows the intricacies of the Neo-Influencers and the different narratives they are circulating.

Nebula Social Screenshot: Knowledge Graph showing the connections of one specific neo-influencer (Z__1973).

Nebula Social Screenshot: Knowledge Graph shows the multitude of accounts and companies pushing a specific circulating narrative, as well as showing an account (Russiannowarbabic) that has tweeted about the narrative three times within the five-day monitoring period.

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