Decoding Congressional Online Narratives: Insights from Nebula Social

March 1, 2024
Insights: Nebula Social

TLDR: Nebula Social's analysis extends to identifying influential accounts shaping the narrative on immigration and border security. By examining the frequency of posts and determining the most significant contributors, the agent effectively pinpoints the key players driving the discourse within the network. The blog concludes by highlighting Nebula Social's capability to predict the virality of political narratives driving public opinion, emphasizing its potential impact on shaping political strategies based on X (Twitter) data analysis.

Knowledge Graph Serving as the Digital Brain of the Congressional X (formerly Twitter) Republicans Network

Nebula Social, an AI agent for viral narrative prediction and automated content generation, was seeded with the X (formerly Twitter) accounts of every congressional Republican in both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. The agent analyzed over 10,000 posts from the members, uncovering 81 distinct narratives. To do this, the agent evaluates each narrative, determining both the mindshare— a number representing the percentage of neo-influencer accounts within the network posting about a particular narrative— and the likelihood of it going viral, independent of mindshare.

In the weeks leading up to the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary, the agent was able to identify the growing trends being posted about by the Republican members of Congress and was able to identify and determine the most important policy issues through the posts. Nebula Social gave insight into border security, foreign policy, and domestic policy, which it identified as the top policy issues.

Kepler Chat Agent’s Explanation of the Top Policy Issues

When asked to expand on immigration and explain what the members are posting about, the agent was able to give a high-level overview of the specific narratives being discussed. The agent was able to differentiate and explain the different voices pushing different sub-narratives within the larger narrative of immigration. 

Kepler Chat Agent’s explanation of posts regarding Immigration

While the network was populated with every Republican member of Congress, and the mindshare percent discussing immigration and border security was high, Nebula Social was able to determine which specific accounts played the most significant role in driving the narrative through the number of posts and determining the influential accounts on the narrative.

Since January 1st, Congressional Republicans have driven the narratives toward these three main policy issues. By analyzing the unstructured data being promulgated through these tweets, the agent was able to determine the narratives most likely to go viral. The efficacy of the narratives Nebula Social predicted were most likely to go viral was then shown to be accurate through public opinion polls showing what Republican voters in New Hampshire thought were the country’s top issues. 

Fox News Poll Showing Top Policy Issues According to Republican Voters

Nebula Social’s analysis of the narratives being driven by industry experts seeded into a network, in this case, members of Congress on policy issues, can accurately and effectively predict both the virality of a given narrative and within a tracking public opinion of politics can accurately predict public opinion based off of the efficacy of tweets about a given policy issue. By analyzing the thousands of unstructured data points, Nebula Social has effectively tracked both political narratives likely to gain virality. Consequently, it can accurately predict what issues will be most effective with specific demographics of voters, even before the public opinion poll is fielded.

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