Accrete's Journey Through the Defense Innovation Ecosystem - "Crossing the Valley" Ep 1 with Noah Sheinbaum

February 7, 2024

“There is no one big step. It was a series of little steps and really just perseverance.”

In this episode of Crossing the Valley with Noah Sheinbaum, we share insights about our path and the impact of AI in the defense space. We discuss Accrete's journey through the defense innovation ecosystem, commercial traction, what's coming next, and more.

In the realm of defense innovation, Accrete AI is dedicated to exploring new frontiers. In the spirit of collaboration, we believe that sharing insights from our journey can be a guiding light for new innovators with a common goal of bolstering national security.

Tune in for a deep dive into our story told by Founder & CEO Prashant Bhuyan and Federal CTO Brian Drake.




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