Automate Workflows with
Smart Table Extraction


Your Challenge

Investment professionals are inundated with materials from prospects and portfolio companies that require their attention and review but waste considerable time simply searching for items of interest. When there’s limited time to make investment decisions, provide investor updates on performance, or track data room changes, the hours of repetitive work add up, leading to mistakes, missed investment opportunities, and misallocated capital.

Our Solution

Using computer vision and natural language processing, Accrete’s Smart Table Extraction solution:

  • Automatically recognizes pre-trained or user-defined tables and line items of interest
  • Normalizes metrics you’re looking to extract
  • Exports the collated data to your choice of endpoint in your preferred structure

Screen potential investment opportunities

Quickly identify which pitches warrant further review and which are not the right fit based on your investment criteria and mandates.

Monitor and manage your portfolio companies

Provide updates to investors and guidance to your portfolio companies in a fraction of the time.

Preserve data room integrity & increase transparency

Take a snapshot of key metrics each time you’re sent new data and track changes over time during the diligence process.


Data Rooms

e.g. Intralinks

CRM Integrations

API Endpoints

Common File Formats

e.g. spreadsheets, PowerBI, etc.

Email Clients

e.g. Gmail

File Hosting Services

e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

About Accrete

Accrete is a leading dual-use AI company leveraging commercial innovation for defense and intelligence. We deliver configurable AI applications that automate complex analytical work at enterprise scale.
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