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Topic Deltas

Earnings calls contain hidden nuances that are difficult for human beings to decipher but have significant implications for stocks

Topic Deltas

It is very difficult to contrast statements made during earnings calls, on a per-topic basis, over time, and at scale


Topic Deltas Solution

Topic Deltas reads earnings transcripts, compartmentalizes language into key topics and measures topical sentiment and importance over time


Using Accrete’s Topic Deltas Suite

Long/short equity funds find the subtle changes in language during conference calls that lead to uncommon insights

Archived comparative analyses

Improves decision making by quantifying nuance
Tracks deltas in key topics over time

Monitor everything, miss nothing

See aggregate sector, industry, and concept scores to see the conversation trends across multiple companies
Alerts and Watchlists
Turbocharge your research speed with alerts and watchlists customized to your specific research goals
Deltas of Opportunity
Tracks key concepts over time and in relation to a company’s sector to spot the deltas of opportunity

Topic Deltas Use Cases

  • Enhances buy & sell-side research analyst notes and process by identifying topical sentiment changes that are difficult to spot manually
  • Sanity checks analyst model assumptions
  • Helps analysts optimize questions for and dissect earnings calls
  • Traders can tactically change positions based on sentiment changes
  • Provides data for quant funds to incorporate into models
  • Refines dealer price targets providing differentiated insights to clients

Reproduceable research findings

  • Using aggregate topic deltas, our model predicts price move buckets in the 2 days after earnings calls. The model has achieved 62% accuracy in 883 cases for [0, 5]% moves and 55% accuracy in 828 cases for [-5, 0]% moves.
  • Models started with 16 features and have grown to 127 features across 10,000 earnings calls yielding 1.27MM data points
  • Model proves features set is extremely rich and the value captured in unstructured data which is not captured elsewhere

* We share data and research with API customers to validate our research and find new use cases

Case Studies

Forward Guidance

GPRO price action mimics forward guidance topic delta across two years of data


AMD aggregate topic delta movement corresponds with both positive and negative post-earnings price action

Application or API, the choice is yours

Choose from multiple delivery methods to suit your needs

Topic Deltas Applications

Topic Deltas Applications

Topic tickers, filters, searches, and GUIs to easily visualize topic conversation and evolution

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Topic Deltas APIs

Topic Deltas APIs

We speak your language. Includes all of our Topic Deltas analysis delivered in real-time.

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Find the deltas of opportunity

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