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Discovering commercially viable talent in the digital age is an increasingly impossible task. Supernova is an AI platform that works alongside talent scouts to continuously scour through platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Discord to filter bots, gauge authentic engagement and predict viral influence. Supernova frees talent scouts to not only sign talent before competitors but to also focus on more creative tasks.

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User behaviors are dynamic, non-repeating, and constantly changing, which hides the patterns we’re interested in. Authentic engagement cannot be fully captured using statistical approaches. To solve the problem, you need dynamic learning. Supernova helps you find the signal in the noise. 

*UGC - User-Generated Content

Insights are rendered via a dashboard where users can search, filter, set alerts, receive notifications, and visualize data. It’s a one-stop platform designed to boost your productivity.

Spend your time more wisely versus spending hours digging and searching for the next ‘undiscovered’ artists. With Accrete AI and predictive viral influence capabilities, you can scale your expertise, efficiently monitor an ever-expanding universe of data, and discover trends and emerging artists before your competitors even know they exist.

Engagement fraud is well known within the influence and entertainment industry. Knowing the true reality of an individual's audience and how engaged they are is a decisive factor when considering suitability. Using semi-supervised learning models you can reduce the likelihood of collaborating with dishonest representatives and maximize a better return on investment.

Supernova monitors an unbounded universe of social media finding useful insights buried in mountains of noise. By monitoring everything, we capture trends earlier, capture more data, and model more accurately so decisions are made with the best historical and predictive data possible.

Fan interactions
Fans discovered per month
Artist relationships discovered 
Track & track variants monitored every day


Continuous Automated Data Ingestion

Supernova continuously monitors and ingests user-generated and official content from a myriad of digital channels, using bottoms-up processes, not predefined lists, digging deep into the data when high-level filter criteria are met. 

Deep Contextual Understanding

Supernova understands not just high-level information such as followers, comments, and likes, but also more complex, derived features such as influence, authenticity, retention, and impact. These complex features quantify the value of user-generated content, enabling talent scouts to see beyond the high-level statistics.

Differentiated Features

Supernova features are designed with a differentiated approach:
- Distributed Graph Algorithms
- Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
- Spectral Graph Analysis
- Contextual Comment Analysis
- Velocity of Nodes & Spectral Information
- Graph Structure with User Vertices & Activity Edge
- Normalized multiple variants into single entities
- Cross-platform connected entities & engagement tracking

Case Study

Talent Scouting | Leading Media & Entertainment Corporation

Use case Overview

Knowing the true clout of an individual and their audience are features that can help predict the value of an aspiring artist. By correlating the quality of traffic with the level of engagement over time, you can use these features along with others to map the collective psyche of the respective market. This hidden information can help you uncover future stars, project growth rates, and make better commercial decisions.

Vast possibilities
Discover talent before the competition
Know the authenticity of engagement
Measure and gauge influence
Make expert-level predictions
Detect key events that lead to viral behavior
Improve prediction accuracy from enhanced mapping & more complete date

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