Understand and identify supply chain risk and opportunities at the most granular entity levels.
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Investment themes go in-and-out of favor constantly and for countless reasons. Capital flows can change quickly and unexpectedly. Investment professionals need to avoid being blindsided by unforeseen risk, capitalize on valuable opportunities, and ultimately know how to best allocate risk capital.

Argus provides a competitive edge by understanding global asset sentiment and narrative trends weighted by source accuracy to help predict highly probable shifts in capital flows.

Case Study
"Accrete's ability to automate contextual understanding from massive amounts of data to better understand adversary intent is a challenge faced across the supply chain risk management community. Accrete has demonstrated that modern data analytics techniques can outperform current methods in identifying potential foreign intelligence adversary influence in the Department of Defense supply chain. This solution is relevant to many Defense Department organizations.

U.S. Department of Defense

Make Better Decisions

Leverage huge datasets and filter complex information to reveal valuable insights. Track macro investment narratives and sentiment with precision.

Utilize technology to autonomously search relevant information from news to corporate filings, blogs, tweets, and more

Visually identify and investigate asset class, geographic, and sector trends. Drill down to granular data to better support research workflows.

Understand predictive insights with detailed context and supporting evidence. Mitigate risk and allocate capital decisively.

Intelligently measure the reliability of information to best inform senior leadership when assessing levels of risk and opportunity.

Automatically rank and combine unstructured data to understand the current investment zeitgeist and remain continuously informed.

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Source Reliability

Understands each source of information’s accuracy by asset class, sector, commentary type, and geography. The machine grows smarter and more accurate continuously scoring each source on a multi-dimensional accuracy basis and adapts its understanding with changing contexts.

Contextual Sentiment

The core technology can understand specific domains of expertise, comprehend changes in context and discern nuance. It aggregates accuracy-weighted sentiment to track and predict capital flows between assets, sectors, geographies, and more.

Semantic Search

Run advanced queries using common natural language across vast datasets. The algorithm can understand the contextual relevance and meaning of industry-specific language. Return relevant results that reveal valuable insights for better-informed decision-making.

Autonomous Discovery

Using Accrete’s intelligent web discovery knowledge function the machine continuously scours and monitors 100,000s of unstructured data sources and commentary types in real-time. Improve the breadth and depth of your coverage while drastically reducing the research burden.

Continual Dynamic Learning

Our technology is designed to solve information complexity problems and has the unique ability to adapt dynamically. Like a human, the system can continuously learn and become smarter as it incorporates new information and contexts. It develops a richer understanding and surfaces differentiated outputs yielding predictive value.

Extendable Technology

Re-apply the features and benefits of Money Flow across a different corpus of data and industries. Accrete’s core technology is designed to be dynamic and capable of understanding alternative domains of expertise. Leverage Accrete AI to deliver predictive insights relevant to your role, department, or business.

Case Study

Supply Chain Risk Analysis | U.S. Department of Defense

Argus Overview

Argus is a mature enterprise AI solution built for and deployed by the Department of Defense for supply chain risk analysis using real-time insight-extraction, discovery, and visualization. With Argus, it is possible to identify and prevent risk in real-time. We specialize in automated entity extraction, contextualized relationship mapping, weighted influence models, and anomalous behavior detection from a wide variety of structured and unstructured data.

Accrete beat 65 leading enterprise analytics and AI companies to win a significant contract with the Department of Defense that is now being deployed into a production environment.

Ingest massive volumes of unstructured and structured data
Automated Contextual Understanding
Expert Level Accuracy & Explainability
No User Labeling Required
Continual Learning & User Interaction
Semantic Language Translation
Anomaly Detection
What Makes Argus Powerful

Argus is able to learn and understand without explicit user instruction. This ability to learn implicitly enables Argus to accurately perform cognitive work at scale, without time consuming manual labeling. With limited training data, Argus can improve accuracy by understanding and adapting to dynamically changing contexts.

What’s Possible With Argus
Provide analysts with the adversary's point of view
Ingest massive volumes of unstructured and structured data
Continuously populate a knowledge graph
Rapidly test and validate hypotheses
Automatically extract, normalize and link entities without user labeling
Generate reports with AI explainability
Translate foreign languages using proprietary models for optimal semantic accuracy

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