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M&A rumors

M&A rumors emanate from any one of countless data sources

Credible rumors

It’s impossible for humans to effectively sift through these sources in a timely manner and find the credible rumors that move stock prices

Rumor Hound Solution

Rumor Hound Solution

Rumor Hound scrapes thousands of unstructured data sources in real-time, identifies rumors buried in the data, and provides a filtered list of rumored acquisition targets scored by recency and credibility


Using Accrete’s Rumor Hound

Long/short equity funds, special situations funds, and M&A shops gain unique insight into potential merger targets and actionable opportunities

See every dimension of M&A rumors in real time


Rumor credibility and market moving potential are continuously assessed, incorporating factors such as Alexa rankings, social media influence, recency, and more

Awareness with granular control

Monitor rumor
Monitor rumor activity across entire industries and sectors to see the macro trends in the conversation
Alerts and Watchlists
Focus your awareness with granular alerts and watchlists tailored to your exact needs
Track the evolution of a rumor over time, across sources, and relative to price

Rumor Hound M&A use cases

  • Helps bankers prospect by knowing what companies are “in play”
  • Helps analysts do better work by increasing circle of awareness
  • Idea generation for clients looking for acquisition targets
  • Insight into additional suitors for clients seeking strategic alternatives
  • M&A rumor leak awareness, identification, and containment

Reproduceable research findings*

  • On average, with no predictive modeling, Rumor Hound M&A rumors have a positive expected value of 4.7% in excess of sector specific benchmarks*
  • Key factors associated with outsized gains include finding low credibility rumors and identifying acquirers before more credible sources
  • We built a betting model for Rumor Hound able to forecast which rumors are mostly likely to move stocks >5% with 85% accuracy
  • Our betting model is able to capture 54% of all cases where stocks move >5%

* We share data and research with API customers to validate our research and find new use cases

Case Studies

Case Studies

Rumor Hound detects rumor activity in EA via a low-credibility twitter source which later gets picked up by higher credibility sources ahead of a large gap higher

Case Studies

Rumor Hound picks up rumor activity in BUFF 6 days before an acquisition announcement by General Mills

Application or API, the choice is yours

Rumor Hound Applications

Rumor Hound Applications

Sortable, searchable tables and GUIs to easily visualize breaking M&A rumors

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Rumor Hound APIs

Rumor Hound APIs

We speak your language. Includes all of our M&A rumor data delivered in real-time

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