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Key Benefits

Rumor Hound reads through hundreds of thousands of disparate unstructured data sources in real time, continuously learning which sources are the most reliable at publishing rumors that move stocks.

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350,000+ of merger and acquisition sources in one dashboard



Source quality and market-moving potential



Credible M&A chatter before the rest of Wall Street



Stocks most likely to move based on M&A chatter

Why Rumor Hound?

M&A rumors move stocks, irrespective of whether they turn into M&A transactions

Rumor Hound helps you generate alpha by surfacing rumors early in the information cycle and distilling the most actionable information into analytical tools that help you identify:

  • Rumors most likely to outperform the S&P500 and superstar sources

  • Unique rumors unlikely to be priced in and concentrations of rumor chatter that might signal an emerging trend

Construct your own trading strategies using our search and filter functionality to fit your exact trading style.

  • Filter by standard metrics such as price, volume, and market cap

  • Filter by proprietary metrics like estimated price impact, source popularity, and source reliability

How it works

Rumor Hound understands how to identify M&A chatter in all its linguistic nuance and automatically grows the number of sources it monitors

Modular Core Capabilities

Rumor Hound is built from a specific combination of our core technologies trained to understand the context of industry-specific language. It combines proprietary algorithms for metadata and snippet extraction, labeling, content enrichment, machine learning, and deep learning, activation functions, and sentiment analysis to create dynamic continuously learning models that produce differentiated outputs yielding predictive value.

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Industry Specific Training

Industry analysts who understand key topics and related nuances create semantically rich training datasets on the order of less than .1 percent of the data from which Rumor Hound learns, thus scaling expertise. By understanding industry context in an adaptive manner, Topic Deltas is able to accurately compute sentiment with a high level of semantic accuracy. It learns and understands granular concepts like "crack spreads" and "revPAR" and a continuously expanding topical coverage and depth of understanding.

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Continuous Learning and Improvement

The core technology powering Rumor Hound has the unique ability to adapt dynamically and incorporate new information and contexts as they arise. Since our systems continuously learn, improve, and builds of new insights, we expect the value of Rumor Hound to increase over time as it uncovers deeper insights from higher value data sources and develops a richer understanding across a variety of domains.

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