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Perceptio continuously monitors online chatter such as product reviews, forums, social media posts, blogs, etc. and listens to what consumers are saying about topics that are most relevant to your business. It surfaces meaningful insights such as nuanced shifts in topical sentiment over time and alerts you of potential red flags that could lead to repetitional damage.

Step into your customers' shoes with Perceptio and answer questions such as: 

- “Why am I losing customers?”
- “What drives my customers’ purchasing decisions?”
- “Why does this SKU have declining sales?” 
- “How do my products stack up against my competitors?”
- "Is my influencer campaign for the new product launch working?"

The digital explosion and information complexity continue to accelerate which means that it is increasingly challenging to identify a singular ground truth from which to operate. Perceptio creates a consistent benchmark against which you can measure your ROI in marketing, sales, product strategy, and customer service. Consistent benchmarking is the key to extracting true value from consumer chatter and driving previously unimaginable growth.

Case Study
"The insight we obtained from Accrete's AI played an instrumental role in letting our audience know that we listen and that we care. The immediate response from customers was "Hey, you're listening to us!" and those little time-sensitive tweaks, especially for a brand new vertical, are fantastic and incredibly important in painting a leader's positioning in the marketplace.

When we expanded into the comic books vertical we were so popular that we had an enormous backlog of submissions for grading. One instrumental thing that we learned from using Accrete's application was that our customers were very dissatisfied with how we charged them in times of slow turnarounds, which could've been detrimental to our reputation in this new vertical had we not listened to our customers on the web using Accrete's AI. We used to charge our customers on receipt of their submission, the simple change to charging the customer upon the shipment of the graded item resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response."

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC)

What's Possible

Perceptio continuously reads, understands, and learns from vast amounts of customer chatter enabling you to step into your customer's shoes and empathize with their pain.

Perceptio enables you to predict trends earlier to optimize supply chain decisions, marketing and sales strategies, customer service, and more.

Perceptio helps you empathize with your customers' experience by listening to social chatter on platforms like Reddit, Discord, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, online forums, blogs and news. Scale your understanding of buyer intent to mitigate risk and pivot business strategies in real-time.

Go beyond inaccurate keyword-based brand sentiment derived from social media mentions and contextualize consumer chatter on relevant topics in real-time at scale.  

Contextualize the value of your internal data by benchmarking against external data such as product reviews and social chatter. Perceptio gives you a competitive advantage by creating a consistent benchmark against which you can continuously measure your performance and the performance of your competitors.

Differentiated Features

Superhuman Scale

Intelligent Web Discovery enables Perceptio to ingest massive amounts of dynamically changing unstructured data and connect dots that would be impossible for even armies of humans.

Contextual Understanding

Perceptio continuously learns from fluid and colloquial language and understands the context of increasingly nuanced memes, slang, pop culture references, misspellings, abbreviations, and more.

Learns from Natural Interaction

Perceptio is an asset that appreciates in value as your company evolves. Learn from each other through natural interaction with no user labeling, explicit instruction, or constant retraining.

Case Study

Customer Experience Optimization | CGC (Billing Policy)


Recently CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) expanded into a new vertical and started grading and authenticating trading cards. CGC immediately gained a lot of traction and became popular among customers because of the company's existing stellar reputation gained in other collectibles such as coins. However, this traction, in turn, created a significant backlog and surfaced unexpected challenges that had the potential of negatively tarnishing the company's brand and disenfranchising customers. Perceptio enabled CGC to identify dissatisfaction expressed in collector forums pertaining to the billing policy. Customers were unhappy that they were getting charged upfront despite slow turnaround times. Perceptio's insight triggered a simple billing policy change that delighted customers and boosted engagement and loyalty.

Vast possibilities
Go beyond keyword-based brand mentions on social media and truly empathize with your customers' pain.
Understand and optimize every angle of the customer experience.
Empathize and connect with your competitors' customers and make them yours.
Create powerful and differentiated brand strategies.
Continuously protect and improve your reputation.
Get ahead of potential crises faster.

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