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This is a paradigm shift in terms of boosting efficiency and generating and maintaining high value leads. Benefits Brokers spend hours and hours every day chasing leads randomly with low success rate. Like human brokers, our continuously learning AI technology allows it to scour public filings at scale to identify targets and then traverse through social media to model networks and optimize the shortest path to the hottest leads.

Knowledge Graph - Elevate Your Workflow

Knowledge Graph allows users to harness valuable insights hidden in plain sight but inaccessible due to the capacity limitations of the biological brain. This is the new way to visualize not only the relationships in the industry, but a way to customize comparison data. The Knowledge Graph visualizes a company and the entities with whom they work.

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Accrete’s AI enables me to identify hot leads that were previously invisible. Accrete's Network Intelligence platform provides me with everything I need to win business while also allowing me to search nationwide, by state, company size, renewal date, and even within a precise zip code radius.”

Dan Head, Employee Benefits Broker

Get Ready for Growth

 Monitor a universe of leads and be instantly notified of new company filings via SMS and email. Immediately connect with your leads using pre-validated and up-to-date contact email addresses and phone numbers. 

- Know the up-to-date title & company of your prospects.
- No more hard bounces.
- You'll always have the right email address.
- Have the right phone number to dial your target.
- Connect directly with prospects on LinkedIn with one click.

All the tools you need in one place; LinkedIn, contact information, Form 5500 data, insightful analytics, and easy list-building tools. Effortlessly sift through clean Form 5500 data to find the perfect lead. Spend less time hunting for leads, and more time  selling.

Power your conversations and build relationships using data-driven insights into historic insurance, claims, premiums, and other benefits activity. Refine your search with our platform's robust sorting, filtering, & savable search capabilities and the interactive map view of matched entries.

Not only do we supply decision maker contact data for the Sponsor company, we also cover:

- Insurance Carrier
- Broker
- Actuary Firm
- Accountant
- Service Provider

Unique companies covered
Decision-makers' contact info
Worth of historical data
Attributes to sort and filter

Features That Drive Impact

Real-Time Notifications

Right timing is key in creating meaningful relationships with prospects and closing sales. Monitor a universe of leads and be instantly notified of relevant updates via text message and email notifications.  

Powerful Knowledge Graph

Expand the graph from any view and continue to unfold a targeted insurance ecosystem. Conduct a custom search to launch a graph or select any Sponsor, Insurance Carrier, Broker, Accountant, Actuary, or Service Provider right from the dashboard.

Accurate Contact Information

No more hard bounces. Immediately connect with your leads using pre-validated and up-to-date email addresses and phone numbers, or connect with them on LinkedIn within a click.

Comprehensive Data

Our users benefit from 10 years worth of Form 5500 data at their fingertips at all times. We provide users with reliable decision-maker contact information that is up-to-date and accurate.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Access robust sorting, filtering, & savable searches, as well as Interactive map view of matched entries. Sort and filter a large universe of prospective leads using over 20 unique filters to identify the most relevant and qualified leads. Everything needed to exponentially speed up your workflow.

Highly Targeted B2B Leads

Discover insights about your leads in the Knowledge Graph through weighted color filters applied to see where on the spectrum they compare to their peers in terms of their previous years’ budget, amount of lives covered, or a combination of both.

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