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Get ahead of the competition by collecting and listening real-time price and product data at scale. Find the products that are having the most impact and create smart pricing strategies and tactics to win the market. Honeycomb empowers eCommerce companies to stay relevant in a hyper-competitive saturated market.

Let AI manage your inventory and pricing strategies, so you can focus on boosting your revenue.

Case Studies
"The real-time price data Accrete provides us allows our company to stay competitive in the marketplace and capture more market share from our competitors."

Leading Online Retailer in the Pet Industry

What's Possible

Gain a competitive advantage over competing products and pricing strategies using our AI technology that's able to read, understand, and learn at scale. Our AI autonomously extracts, normalizes, and maps prices to products, inventory levels, your SKUs to competitor products and more.

Honeycomb monitors and listens to dynamically changing websites in real time, with human-level accuracy, and no user labeling and no downtime.

All Honeycomb needs is your competitors' website domain. Honeycomb intelligently matches products and product attributes without requiring competitors SKUs or product catalogs.

Honeycomb intelligently matches incoming competitor product & price data to your own SKU catalog to quickly benchmark your prices and inventory levels against your competitors. Since we are using AI, new or discontinued SKUs on a product webpage are recognized without any disruptions.

Honeycomb extracts & analyzes millions of product attributes, filters irrelevant information, and surfaces the most valuable insights for your business.

Honeycomb is powered by Minerva's Data Hooks and Knowledge Functions that monitor the web in a way that even armies of humans couldn't. Minerva enables Honeycomb to continuously ingest, process, contextualize, and model web data from not only well-known sites like Amazon and eBay, but also from niche online stores.

Honeycomb saves you countless hours each week by bringing you clean data that's transformed and ready to use. Gone are the days of manually spot-checking competitor prices & inventory levels. Honeycomb is able to gather all the SKUs you are interested in, at scale.

Intelligent price optimization allows you to strategically adjust your prices based on real-time data and easily compare competitor pricing, inventory levels, and shipping costs at scale.

Honeycomb's real-time market intelligence helps R&D and Product teams discover what customers want and when. Boost ROI by discovering product-market fit faster and capture new market opportunities, deepen engagement and maximize customer lifetime value.

Gain deeper insight into customer buying cycles to develop better cross-selling and up-selling strategies that enhance the online shopping experience while maximizing profitability.

Differentiated Features

Real-Time Intel

Honeycomb intelligently extracts data from webpages in real time regardless of page complexity. Meaning that Honeycomb is able to understand a webpage with numerous product variants (i.e. a single product may reference multiple color and size variants, etc.). Our AI is able to recognize individual products from a multi-select dropdown menu so you can trust Honeycomb is gathering all of the product & inventory data your company needs.

Models Future from the Past

Honeycomb continuously collects, stores, and learns from your competitors’ product, price, and inventory data. It's an asset that appreciates in value over time. It surfaces increasingly critical insights as it accumulates knowledge relevant to your business. What sets Honeycomb apart from is that it's using accumulated knowledge to connect dots in ways it would be impossible with traditional data science tools

No Manual Labeling

Other product & price monitoring solutions require manual rules and SKU mapping, which constantly leads to inaccurate data and time wasted. Accrete's AI is able to map incoming product data from competitor websites to your own SKU catalog with minimal effort required.

Case Studies

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