Network Intelligence for Insurance (NII) API Usage Guidelines

Last Modified: 07/08/22

In order to maintain optimum performance, ensure that the API is available to all our customers, and control for costs to Accrete and our customers, Accrete balances transaction loads by imposing the following limitations:

  • Customers may not export the equivalent of the entirety of Accrete’s available data set more than five (5) times in any five (5) day period.

If you reach or exceed any of the foregoing limits, Accrete may suspend or otherwise limit your ability to export additional data from the API. To the extent any of the foregoing limitations are based around a defined period of time (i.e. limits to the number of data exports in a given month) any such suspensions or restrictions on your usage shall reset at the end of the applicable time period.

Accrete reserves the right to update the foregoing limitations from time to time however we will notify you of any updates via the notification methods set forth in your agreement with Accrete and new limitations will not take effect until you have received such updates.