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It's increasingly hard to understand your market and boost lead generation using legacy tools and messy, incomplete, and outdated data.

Benefits brokers and other insurance professionals spend countless hours every day on manual market research, reading long documents, prospecting, and chasing leads randomly with low success rates. It’s impossible to establish effective workflows when critical information is scattered and often outdated.


Our AI platform for brokers, carriers, service providers, and insurtechs mapping distribution networks through interactive knowledge graphs.

NII offers insurance professionals (carriers, brokers, service providers, insurtechs) everything they need, all in one AI-powered platform. You will achieve more with dynamic knowledge graphs that allow you to harness valuable insights that are impossible to surface manually due to information overload. Featuring over 30 interactive filters, NII segments, profiles, and targets distribution channels and company sponsors.


companies covered


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historical data


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Simplify Complexities With One Comprehensive Platform

With NII, document streams become machine-readable and easily accessible. You can go from paper and digital documents to a single streamlined interface and easily export data to other BI platforms.



Discover how Bento spends 95% less time on prospecting and research.

"We went from leading blindly to having a tool that gives us much-needed guidance. It truly becomes your own dynamic database with time. What used to take us 45 days to achieve now takes only 2 days with Accrete."

-Chad Decker, Regional Director of Business Development at Bento

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