Network Intelligence for Insurance

One open tab.
Endless prospects.


It's increasingly hard to conduct market analysis and boost lead generation using outdated legacy tools and inaccurate, incomplete, and stale data.

Benefits brokers and other insurance professionals spend countless hours every day on manual market research, reading long documents, prospecting, and chasing leads randomly with low success rates. It’s impossible to establish effective workflows when critical information is scattered and often outdated. Insurance prospecting doesn't have to be so frustrating.


Our AI solution for brokers, carriers, service providers, and insurtechs maps distribution networks through interactive knowledge graphs in real time. NII will help drive sales and expand your book of business.

NII offers insurance professionals (carriers, brokers, service providers, insurtechs) everything they need, all in one AI-powered solution. You will achieve more with dynamic knowledge graphs that allow you to harness valuable insights that are impossible to surface manually due to information overload. Featuring over 30 interactive filters, NII segments, profiles, and targets distribution channels and company sponsors.


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Simplify Complexities With One Comprehensive Solution

One tab, endless prospects. With NII, document streams become machine-readable and easily accessible. You can go from paper and digital documents to a single streamlined interface and easily export data to other BI solutions.

Visualize, Segment, & Analyze Data at Scale

NII offers users a powerful, intuitive, and customizable dashboard with Schedules A, SB, H, and C. You can also access direct contacts for C-suite and HR for optimized outreach. Uncover more actionable insights by tapping into our dynamic knowledge graph to explore prospect and competitor books of business.

Get Real-Time Updates

You'll never have to do manual checks for new prospects in the market. Make significant time savings and cut costs with templatized search queries and never miss out on essential updates by signing up for custom alerts (email and text) on newly populated data that matters to you.


Knowledge Graphs

Intuitive displays provide competitive insights, allowing you to dive into existing networks within the insurance ecosystem, and approach targeted lead generation through relevant centers of influence.

Location Filtering & Map View

Filter results by current location, zip codes, or search radius. Filtered results can be viewed on a map all the way down to street level.

Advanced Filtering

Filter any center of influence in the knowledge graph (e.g. industry, size, location, contracts, premiums). Drill down into a major accounting firm to explore a specific segment of their clients.

Contact Data

Retrieve contact information for all applicable entities in our solution (e.g. sponsors, carriers, brokers, accountants, actuaries, service providers).

Centers of Influence

Analyze the most prevalent Centers of Influence within any user-defined geographic market. Filter by total unique clients, premiums, contracts & more.

Data Exportability

Export bulk or very specific data points into CSV files in addition to filings, contact data. and our custom visualizations.

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