Former Renaissance Technologies COO Jim Rowen Joins Accrete’s Advisory Board

August 11, 2023
Press Release

New York, NY, August 11, 2023 – Accrete AI, a leading dual-use enterprise AI company that licenses interactive AI software called Analytical AI Agents to both government and commercial customers, is pleased to welcome Accrete investor Jim Rowen to Accrete’s Advisory Board. Prior to joining Accrete’s Advisory Board, Jim Rowen served as Renaissance Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer and Board member. 

Jim brings a complementary skill set to an extraordinary Advisory Board at Accrete that includes retired four-star United States Army General and former Commander of the United States Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Stanley McChrystal.

“We’re thrilled to have Jim Rowen join Accrete’s Advisory Board as our company enters a period of unprecedented growth as well as unexplored opportunities. Jim’s unique COO experience at one of the most successful quantitative investment management firms will be invaluable as Accrete continues to apply cutting-edge research to build impactful AI software designed to help customers grow in previously unimaginable ways,” said Prashant Bhuyan, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Accrete AI.

“I am pleased for this opportunity to join Accrete’s Advisory Board. I look forward to working with Prashant, Jim Gill, and the dedicated Accrete team to assist them not only in solving complex scaling challenges but in turning those challenges into a competitive advantage in this nascent market for enterprise AI. I feel strongly that my career pedigree in operations, finance, and business implementation strategies will benefit Accrete as it builds out the necessary foundational infrastructure required to support hyper-growth resulting from dual-use enterprise AI software sales,” said Jim Rowen.

Bhuyan continues, “Demand for Accrete’s dual-use AI software continues to explode as defense and intelligence agencies, as well as enterprises, struggle to solve the last mile problem in AI. The last mile problem in AI is that, absent a semantic layer, integration of proprietary data into large language models (LLMs) yields an infinite prompt problem whereby chatbots fail to produce domain-specific responses insightful and accurate enough to automate decision-making. Jim has been a great investor, and we are now incredibly fortunate to have his perspective as a Board Advisor. We intend to leverage Jim’s truly unique expertise as we continue to lay the foundation for scale and bring proven AI software to a rapidly expanding addressable market that’s urgently trying to figure out how to employ AI to automate knowledge work and create real-world value.”

Accrete COO Jim Gill added, “We are beyond excited to have Jim Rowen join our Advisory Board. His insights and advice, informed by years of experience in highly successful senior leadership roles, will be invaluable. I look forward to working directly with Jim and leveraging his expertise as we continue to scale to achieve extraordinary long-term success."

Accrete’s AI Agents are powered by proprietary knowledge engines that, infused with tacit domain knowledge, autonomously generate knowledge graphs that semantically unify disparate and dynamic unstructured data collections at scale, producing domain-specific insight accurate enough to automate decision-making. Accrete’s knowledge engines transform commodity large language models (LLMs) into continuously learning interactive AI Agents capable of performing analytical work that would otherwise require an army of human experts and producing insight beyond human capacity. Accrete’s configurable AI Agents, such as Argus for open-source anomaly detection, have been deployed in production with customers such as the U.S. Department of Defense as well as with Fortune 500 companies in industries such as media and entertainment.

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Accrete AI, founded in 2017, delivers configurable, reliable, and accurate AI Agents for decision automation to both government and commercial customers. Accrete is headquartered in Lower Manhattan with offices in Alexandria, Va., and Wellesley, Mass. For more information, visit

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