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Solving Information Complexity Problems

Finance Industry


The digital revolution has created unprecedented information complexity. Accrete works with leading financial institutions including leading banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, RIAs and trading firms to improve the workflow efficiency and productivity of analysts who are tasked with the impossible job of reading, understanding and extracting predictive insights from vast volumes of dynamically changing text. Through the automation of specialized cognitive tasks, Accrete’s technologies give financial analysts a competitive edge by enabling them to process information more efficiently.

Use Cases

Sub Heading

Criminal organizations make numerous small transfers across wide and complex networks. Banks face stiff penalties for non-compliance and must ensure their systems are not used to launder money. Map and monitor vast and dynamic networks to identify suspicious players. Intelligently track and identify unusual or hidden transactional patterns. Streamline the investigative workflow and scale the prevention teams' ability to stay ahead of nefarious actors.

The right incentive for the right customer at the right time is a complex challenge. Financial services are unnecessarily giving incentives away and losing high-value customers. Capture all types of interactions, blend new sources of data, and build individual behavioral models to better target the right person, with the right offer, at the ideal moment. Determine high-value risks, surface predictive insights, and retain valuable customers with optimized offers. Identify individual and broader contextual insights to make better strategic decisions to reduce churn globally.

Socially conscious investments are becoming increasingly popular however, there can be a disparity between what a company says versus how a company behaves. Compare and benchmark organizations against various ESG data points for complete transparency. Filter and track the performance of different ESG portfolios. Assess the risk, opportunity and company performance in areas like climate change, diversity, inclusion, etc. Make well-informed investment decisions that are aligned with your ESG values, mitigating risk, and improving returns.

Financial malaise can spread quickly across nations and identifying what uncertainties will reliably trigger a crisis is challenging. Map networks of financial influence, visualize fear or euphoria across topics, track viral trends and contrast these against market conditions. Expertly capitalize upon predictive insights and pre-empt catastrophic events.

The language used in publicly distributed material can have a massive effect on how the market values your business. The difference between a positive or negative reaction can boil down to nothing more than a subtle shift in the nuance of the language used. By contextually analyzing messaging before it is published, you can identify areas of concern and investor relation teams can use these predictive insights to best manage investor communication and public perception.

Featured Products

Surface Market Moving Rumors

Market chatter and rumors can significantly affect how markets rise or fall. With trillions of dollars at risk, institutions do not want to be blindsided. Identifying credible information that reliably moves markets provides organizations with a competitive edge. Leading financial institutions can uncover this actionable alpha, and capture greater gains for their clients.

Track Shifts in Financial Narratives

Keep track of organizations' earning transcripts, corporate filings, and financial documents in real-time with contextual and domain-specific understanding. Read and analyze all documentation through a contextual language analysis solution with human-like accuracy to surface predictive insights. Condense tedious research, identify nuance and patterns that were previously hidden, and uncover predictive insights by using continuous dynamic learning.

Accrete Scalable Process

The Accrete architecture is purposely designed to enable the rapid development of robust enterprise AI solutions. We have developed core ‘knowledge functions’ that can be interconnected to automate analytical tasks with human-like accuracy. Accrete licenses applications that are continuously learning and adapting to dynamic environments. By scaling human expertise and adapting to dynamic information, we can provide accurate predictions needed for important decision making.


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