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Solving Information Complexity Problems

Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate is in the midst of an “innovation revolution”, businesses are adapting to changing tenant demands while incorporating alternative datasets to evaluate the market and better inform the deal-sourcing process. As a result, the CRE sector is focused on elevating the tenant experience, better management, and acquisition of investments. Accrete is working with cutting-edge CRE firms to deepen their analysis and scale analytical productivity to uncover valuable real estate opportunities.

Use Cases

The large scale “sensor-ing” of buildings is generating vast amounts of data, understanding the information complexity and leveraging valuable insights is a problem. Accrete’s AI can streamline and optimize the functionality of a property, achieve financial savings, and improve sustainability. In parallel, property managers can deliver 5-star tenant experiences that are safe, secure and hassle-free. Accrete can enrich the analytical workflow, enabling building managers to achieve complete transparency with responsive insights that deliver valuable benefits for both the proprietor and tenants alike.

With the increased focus on the “last-mile” sector, CRE firms are actively bidding each other up at record rates for warehouses and commercial storage. Tech-enabled organizations are Identifying actionable intelligence with measurable reliability giving them a competitive edge. CRE firms are not being caught unaware by fast-moving transactions and can make better-informed decisions. Accrete is leveraging unstructured information complexity, surfacing predictive insights and boosting CRE firms' analytical productivity.

Industry experts use their experience, and local knowledge to value property. Firms want to validate these decisions, using an evidence lead approach supported by data. Using continuous dynamic learning organizations can blend geo-tagged data, image recognition assessments, and dynamic market factors to better inform valuations. Accrete can deliver reliable valuation scores allowing leaders to scale expertise, better control risk and increase profits.

Commercial builders need to deliver projects safely, on time and within budget. Property developers are using AI to identify risk, automate the entire workflow, and enhance the decision-making process. By reducing material acquisition costs, optimizing structural assessments, and automating workforce management companies are saving millions. Accrete demystifies the information complexity surrounding construction projects, executing deep analysis that limits downtime and increases profits.

Featured Products

Uncover Valuable Opportunities

Accrete is developing an AI that can read and understand complex regulations, zoning changes, and rulings surrounding real estate. The AI will continuously learn as it searches and expands its network of relevant sources including both structured and unstructured data. Business leaders will use those predictive insights to make informed capital allocation decisions. As local, demographic, and other factors change, the AI will dynamically adapt and become exponentially smarter over time. Accrete is solving the information complexity problem for CRE clients focused on intelligently managing their property portfolios, mitigating risk, and maximizing returns.

Accrete Scalable Process

The Accrete architecture is purposely designed to enable the rapid development of robust enterprise AI solutions. We have developed core ‘knowledge functions’ that can be interconnected to automate analytical tasks with human-like accuracy. Accrete licenses applications that are continuously learning and adapting to dynamic environments. By scaling human expertise and adapting to dynamic information, we can provide accurate predictions needed for important decision making.


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