A Path to Reliable, Accurate, and Explainable Artificial General Intelligence

Explore the forefront of AI advancements as our experts share their insights on the direction of the industry.

company overview

Accrete AI, founded in 2017, delivers universally configurable, reliable, and accurate analytical AI Agents that perform high skilled work. We have over 120 employees globally and are headquartered in Lower Manhattan with offices in Alexandria, Va. and Wellesley, Mass.  

Our vision is to create a path to reliable, ethical, and trustworthy artificial general intelligence by deploying analytical AI agents across every domain that capture and scale tacit human domain knowledge and create net new knowledge reasoned from ground truth.

Webinar Agenda

Discover our cutting-edge developments in 60 minutes through live demos and observe in action how our technology is driving innovation and transforming organizations across multiple industries.

10 mins

AI Landscape

Explore the latest breakthroughs and hear about the future of AI from the CEO.

30 mins

Product Demos

See our technology in action: Argus (currently in production with the DoD) and The Vibe.

15 mins

Live Q&A

Let's talk! Get your burning AI questions answered by our experts at the end of the webinar.

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Meet the Team

Prashant Bhuyan

Founder and CEO

Yurdaer Doganata, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Andrés Diana

Chief Product Officer

Alex Merrill

Director of Product

Sammy Sbiti, PhD

Senior Applied Scientist

Josh Bramble

Product Research Analyst

Danny Adam

Director Commercial Research

Jason Kirby

Executive VP of Sales

Marcele Kutkauskaite

Chief of Staff