Meet Accrete
On Dec 7, 8

The AI Summit New York 2022

December 7, 8 2022
Javits Convention Center

Accrete is a Prime Defense Contractor delivering configurable dual-use AI solutions that automate complex analytical work to both government and commercial customers with a focus on defense, intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Our modular AI platform Nebula powers configurable AI solutions that perform complex analytical work otherwise requiring armies of analysts

Our AI solutions surface high-value predictive insights beyond human capacity at a lower cost than employing teams of analysts


Increasing Competitiveness by Getting on the Right Side of Information Complexity

Alex Merrill, Director of Product, will be presenting at the AI Summit New York 2022 on December 8, at 2 pm EST

Information complexity, characterized by misinformation, viral influence, and contradictory narratives, makes it harder to find the truth of a matter. Bad actors are using AI to exploit reasoning vulnerabilities and manipulate behavior through digital means. Learn how AI can be used to combat information complexity to predict and protect against threats and increase competitiveness.


U.S. Department of Defense Awards Accrete Multi-Million Dollar AI Production OT Software Licensing Contract

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