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Supply chains and production facilities

It is difficult for investors to keep track of companies' supply chains and production facilities


Supply-side events and trends that meaningfully impact companies take human analysts significant time to identify and assess



Data Distillery maps the supply chain and production facilities for specific companies, enabling you to rapidly analyze the potential impacts of geographically confined events on company operations


Using Accrete’s Data Distillery Tools

Institutional asset managers cut hours of valuable research into minutes and focus on maximizing opportunities instead of scavenging for data

Granular supply chain analysis

Perform hours worth of aggregation, in seconds

  • Powerful search and filtering technology lets you ask detailed and complex questions like never before
  • Maps the geographical distribution of company facilities and monitors changes automatically
  • Spot trends, bottlenecks, opportunities, and risk with precision and speed compressing hours of tedious mental labor into seconds

A perfect complement to traditional tools

Cover more companies with greater accuracy

A perfect complement to traditional tools
A perfect complement to traditional tools
Understand the interconnections and trends between geographies, materials, companies and more through one simple interface

Application or API, the choice is yours

Data Distillery Applications

Data Distillery Applications

Sortable, searchable tables, maps, and dashboards to easily visualize hidden data

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Data Distillery APIs

Data Distillery APIs

We speak your language. Includes all of our Data Distillery forensics data delivered in real-time.

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Reduce your research burden

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