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Core Capabilities

Inter-locking modules that can build an A.I. powered solution to meet your needs

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Just Imagine

Imagine, if your best workers could spend years analyzing data, testing ideas and combine this with their expertise for every decision they need to make, their insights would be extraordinary. But time is not infinite they need help!



Good decisions are what determine the success of a business.

Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Continual good decisions are integral to the success of the business.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

Good decisions are only as good as the knowledge that fuels them.

Core Capabilities

Dynamic continuously learning APIs to build smart analytical tools

Mathematical Modeling

We built in-house mathematical models to train our systems in both a supervised and unsupervised manner. Our training modalities allow us to cover wide swaths of domains with minimal training examples. Our proprietary models are capable of dynamic, continuous learning which enables our products to adapt, get smarter, and provide more value with time.

Contextual Sentiment Analysis

We quantify textual data similarly to how a human expert would. Rather than depending on a bag-of-words approach, we compute sentiment based on a contextual understanding of words and phrases resulting in higher accuracy.

Topic Modelling

We classify each text snippet in a document into a list of topics. Our classification is based on the semantic understanding of the text which also allows us to discover new topics that weren’t previously defined.

Concept Relevance

We provide a relevance score to all the intelligently extracted articles with respect to their contextual understanding and domain.

Semantic Search

Rather than performing a keyword search, our technology, and in-house algorithms perform search based on hidden contextual patterns and semantic meaning enabling faster and more accurate identification of valuable information.

Concept Importance

The importance measure is based on the relative effect of the information with respect to market indices for a piece of text and thus provides the user with contextually relevant market movements.

The Accrete Way

The modularity of our core capabilities enables us to rapidly create custom A.I. solutions that are instantly ready for the next stage of the building process: focusing the A.I. on a specific domain and making it scalable.

Domain Specific

A.I. requires focus and for it to be accurate the problem needs to be confined to a specific domain

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Scalable Process

A.I. that is dynamically continuously learning offers scalable expertise. As the system incrementally learns more it grows increasingly autonomous with decreasing amounts of human intervention

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