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Invest in your Career

We invite you to consider joining us at one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies on Wall Street. Collaborate with really smart, curious and driven people from all over the world as colleagues.


What we do

Financial institutions are drowning in data and searching through all this information to find actionable insights is exhausting. Accrete’s mission is to help investors overcome bias, make better decisions and generate alpha in the digital age of markets. Our team consists of world class technologists, AI scientists and financial industry veterans. Accrete’s bias-free, contextually adaptive investment tools empower organizations to spend less time searching for insights and more time making informed decisions. Accrete leverages expert networks, shallow and deep learning techniques to automate cognitive tasks that solve real-world problems and help financial institutions stay ahead of the market.


Working in a startup means we are in this together and unlike at a huge corporation, no achievement is overlooked. We are a tight-knit team where each employee is highly valued and empowered to think critically and creatively. Our team shares a deep dedication to our company's mission, extraordinary efficiency, rational honesty, owning mistakes with expedient fixes, constant questioning and thinking, efficient work ethic and focus on achieving exceptional results. We work hard as we are truly committed to doing something groundbreaking and want to be necessary and instrumental in the growth and success of Accrete.

Some things you can look forward to include company happy hours, visits to the NYSE, after-work ping pong matches, bagel breakfasts, and a true sense of Accrete community!


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