Things To Do In Sydney for Sibos 2018: An Alternative Guide

September 23, 2018

Sibos 2018 is the global financial services networking event of the year and connects more than 8,000 financial professionals from across the industry. This is the third time it has been hosted in Sydney, Australia and it is the perfect setting for Sibos to turn 40. For those who are traveling to the event and have some spare time, we have put together an alternative guide to Sydney for you.

There are endless posts and travel guides on Sydney's top attractions like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. As providers of alternative data, we tend to take a different approach in what we do and how we think. Much like our customers who are looking for an edge on the competition, we think outside the box. Here are a few of the experiences our team is looking forward to on their trip to Sydney for Sibos 2018.

Scenic world railway

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1. Ride the world's steepest passenger railway

Located about 2 hours away from Sydney and accessible by train or car, the Blue Mountains are a popular day trip. The stunning landscape features eucalyptus forests, steep cliffs and waterfalls. It’s also home to the world’s steepest passenger scenic railway.

The railway was originally constructed for coal and oil shale mining but has since been converted into an adventure park called Katoomba Scenic World. The 52% incline carries passengers over the Blue Mountains rainforest and Jamison Valley. For the more adventure-seeking, you can adjust your seat to sit at a 64% incline. During the ride, you’ll get stunning views of the rainforest and sandstone cliffs from an enclosed, glass-roofed car.


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2. Go cliff jumping at Manly Beach

Often overshadowed by Bondi Beach, Manly Beach is one of Sydney’s top surf beaches. Visitors have to take a 30-minute ferry from Circular Quay in order to access the beach and from the ferry, you’ll get unparalleled views of the skyline and Sydney Opera House.

Most people visit the beach to catch a few waves and take in the golden shoreline with its soft, ultra-fine sand. However, it’s also a great spot for cliff jumping. Along the beach, there is jump rock with two ledges (around 13 feet tall and 26 feet tall) if you want an adrenaline rush on your beach day.


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3. Grab a drink at Cricketers Arms Hotel, Surry Hills

Cricketers Arms Hotel is a legendary Aussie pub that hasn’t changed much since it opened its doors in 1922. The local spot attracts a very diverse crowd due to its odd selection of drinks. Depending on the day of the week, you’re also likely to find live music or a DJ. Cricketers Arms Hotel is one of the few places were newer does not mean better. Vintage, eccentric and a little grimey - this won’t be your typical bar experience.


We hope you find the time to enjoy the city of Sydney whilst attending Sibos 2018. Make sure to stop by the Accrete.AI booth DZ79 in the discovery zone to say hello!




4. Visit the SS Aryfield shipwreck

The SS Ayrfield is one of the many decommissioned ships that sit in Homebush Bay, a sort of ship graveyard. While many of the ships are completely submerged in water, the SS Ayrfield and a few others rest close to shore in shallow waters. Trees have taken root within these ships and created a unique spectacle. These floating gardens are an eerie alternative to the Botanical Gardens and attract photographers who want to capture this bizarre sight.



5. Shop local at the Market on the Rocks

Travel is all about capturing a bit of local flavor and there’s no easier way to get a sampling of that than at an outdoor market. The Rocks Market celebrates everything local and features over 200 stalls selling food made from Australian ingredients and handcrafted items from local artisans. Named for its location along quaint cobblestone streets, it’s a great place to speak with some local artisans, learn more about the neighborhood, and enjoy a meal with a water-front view.

 Sibos 2018

Alongside the likes of IBM, J.P.Morgan etc. Accrete.AI will be exhibiting at Sibos 2018, Discovery zone - booth DZ97 - the ‘Discovery Zone’ is focused specifically on innovation within the financial sector and the future of banking. Our senior leadership will be sharing their insights on how financial enterprises can automate specific cognitive tasks performed by analyst's achieve dramatic results. Leveraging Accrete's platform, financial professionals are spending less time searching for information and more time to make well-informed decisions.

Therefore we invite you to meet your future business partner who can help you use AI to solve real world problems in today's fast-changing financial markets. Book a meeting or come meet Accrete.AI at booth DZ97 to speak about artificial intelligence, monitoring changes in linguistic nuance and topical sentiment, identifying credible market-moving rumors or transforming sentiment divergences into trading alerts and policy forecasts.