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Rumor Hound

Not all data is equal. Both well-established and lesser-known sources publish highly reliable data. By intelligently crawling the internet you can surface hidden insights and knowledge.

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Broaden Your Research

Automate the discovery of new sources of M&A chatter to deepen your analysis and surface valuable insights


Organized Awareness

Organize millions of disparate data sources into one dashboard and identify credible M&A chatter before Wall Street


Advance Preparation

Know which sources are most reliable at publishing rumors that move stocks and keep pace with significant developments


Capture Greater Gains

Trade rumors early in the information cycle. Identify superstar sources and stocks likely to outperform the S&P500


Complete Transparency

View every new piece of data to understand the reasoning, source quality and clarify market-moving potential


Generate Alpha

Surface M&A chatter early-on. Identify emerging trends and unique data unlikely to have been priced in.

Knowledge Functions

The Accrete architecture is purposely designed to enable the rapid development of robust enterprise AI solutions. We have developed core ‘knowledge functions’ that can be interconnected to automate analytical tasks with human-like accuracy. Accrete builds applications that are continuously learning and adapting to dynamic environments. By scaling human expertise and adapting to dynamic information, we can provide accurate predictions needed for important decision making


  • Intelligent Source Growth

    Autonomously grow the number of relevant sources that publish information related to mergers and acquisitions

  • Measurable Reliability

    Understand how reliable a source is in publishing information that successfully impacts the market regardless of popularity

  • Weighted Popularity

    Differentiate the popularity of a source without bias. The algorithm dynamically adjusts to refine and increase the accuracy of the scoring

  • Continuous Dynamic Learning

    Surface higher-value insights. The machine dynamically adapts to incorporate new information and shifts in context - developing a richer understanding

  • Custom Filtering

    Filter by standard and Accrete’s metrics like estimated price impact, popularity, and reliability to surface insights that suit your trading style

  • Predictive Market Impact

    Understand the estimated price impact each surfaced M&A rumor will have on a target’s stock price

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