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Data Distillery

Understand and identify supply chain risk and opportunities at the most granular geographic, company and product-line levels. Reduce your research burden by autonomously reading through customs declarations and import/export customs statistics. Focus on making better informed data-led decisions.


Real-Time Alerts

Pro-actively monitor companies' logistic activity, both U.S. maritime import and export activities. Rapidly analyze the potential impacts of geographically confined events on company operations.

Fast-Tracked Analysis

Compress hours of tedious research and enable expert analysts to immediately focus on more qualitative efforts. Rapidly determine whether supply-side events will meaningfully impact companies either positively or negatively. Answer detailed and complex questions in extreme granularity.

Interactive Interface

Users can drill deeper than traditional tools. Explore maps detailing the geographic exposure of company supply chains as well as trade partners. Spot trends, bottlenecks, opportunities, and risk with precision.

Agile Workflows

Reduce the cognitive burden as the machine continuously reads and understands 10Ks, 10Qs, company presentations, and import/export data to map exposure geospatially. Tasks such as keeping track of companies’ imports, exports, trade partners, and geographic exposure are intelligently automated. Focus on making decisions with data at the most granular level.

Enhanced Research

Powerful search and filtering technology allow users to run detailed and complex queries. Additional fields include but are not limited to; country of origin, shipping company, logistics company, unified consignee, TEUs, container type, and calculated values. Cut hours of valuable research into minutes and focus on maximizing opportunities instead of scavenging for data.

Reveal Interconnectivity

Understand the interconnections between geographies, materials, companies and more. Search pre-mapped supply chains, shipments, and production facilities. Subsidiaries are linked to parent companies and public tickers enabling rapid analysis. Detect trends across companies with greater accuracy.

Knowledge Functions

The Accrete architecture is purposely designed to enable the rapid development of robust enterprise AI solutions. We have developed core ‘knowledge functions’ that can be interconnected to automate analytical tasks with human-like accuracy. Accrete builds applications that are continuously learning and adapting to dynamic environments. By scaling human expertise and adapting to dynamic information, we can provide accurate predictions needed for important decision making

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Intelligent Web Discovery
Topic Classification

  • Semantic Search

    Search a huge corpus of both structured and unstructured data. Use common natural language to run advanced queries. Semantic search can understand the contextual relevance and meaning of industry-specific language. Return relevant results that reveal valuable insights for better-informed decision making.

  • Continual Sourcing

    Using Accrete’s intelligent web discovery knowledge function the machine can continuously scour for company filings and read 10Ks, 10Qs, company presentations, and import/export data. The machine can learn and understand key supply chain information drastically reducing the research burden.

  • Continuous Dynamic Learning

    Accrete technology is designed to solve information complexity problems and has the unique ability to adapt dynamically. Much like a human, the system is continuously learning and becoming smarter as it incorporates new information and contexts. It develops a richer understanding and surfaces differentiated outputs yielding predictive value.

  • Extendable Technology

    Re-apply the features and benefits of Data Distillery across a different corpus of data and industries. Accrete’s core technology is designed to be dynamic and capable of understanding alternative domains of expertise. Leverage Accrete AI to deliver predictive insights relevant to your role, department or business.

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