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Use Minerva to build your own AI workforce and make mission-critical decisions faster. Unleash the creative productivity of your team in previously unimaginable ways.

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Core Components

Configure Accrete’s modular Minerva platform to create AI tools that will empower you to make mission-critical decisions faster. Combine Minerva Data Hooks, Knowledge Functions and Natural Interaction Modules to create AI tools that automatically process and contextualize unstructured, semi structured and structured data. Scale your team’s tacit domain knowledge and connect dots and surface game changing insights without expensive manual labeling.

Minerva democratizes access to the same industrial grade AI used by our most demanding customers in government, financial services, ecommerce and tech, media & telecom. Integrate the AI tools you’ve built using Minerva into knowledge graphs and traditional ERP and CRM workflows and off-load high value cognitive work to machines to grow in previously unimaginable ways.

Data Hooks

Unlock novel data sources and leverage unusable internal data to expand the realm of possibilities.

Accrete’s Data Hooks enable users to continuously ingest data in real-time from a plethora of messy unstructured, semi-structured, and structured external and internal data sources including social media, news, filings, PDFs, and foreign language documents.

what makes this powerful
Unify & Make Sense of
Complex Data
Expand and enhance your business intelligence with external data. Minerva’s Data Hooks provide users the ability to map and normalize entities across external and internal data sources and connect to users’ internal and private data sources and databases.
No User Labeling
Extract different types of entities from the data sources at scale with no user labeling and minimal human feedback required.
Web Listening
more than just web crawling
Data Hooks surface hidden features that are invisible to static web crawlers.
Enhanced Internal Data
The ability of Data Hooks to ingest and normalize entities without labeling enables users to enhance the value of internal data with external data.
Social Media
Data Hooks continuously read and learn to understand colloquial chatter from social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, TikTok, and Weibo.
News & Industry
Leverage our massive library of RSS feeds to access the latest news in real-time and insights on niche industries and topics. Data sources include news publications, blogs, government websites, filings, foreign language documents & PDFs.
Images, Video, & Audio
Data Hooks also ingest images, video, and audio from social media, news, and other external/internal sources. Combined with various Knowledge Functions, users can build powerful AI tools that perform expert-level collectibles grading or identify deep fakes.
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Knowledge Functions

Process & contextualize data to reveal actionable insights.

Knowledge Functions are continuously learning building blocks of cognition packaged up as APIs. They can be combined with other APIs such as Data Hooks and Natural Interaction components to create superhuman AI employees that can read, understand, learn, predict and explain at scale.

Knowledge Functions understand context at scale. They continually learn so they don’t require explicit human instruction and any user labeling. They are able to simulate memory across various time scales and reference historical context when interpreting new information, thus accumulating knowledge to use in future states.

Accrete’s Knowledge Functions can be configured to perform important thinking tasks with steep learning curves without the prohibitive training, tuning and maintenance costs associated with traditional static machine learning and robotic process automation.

what makes this powerful
Continual Learning Through Natural Interaction
The AI models underlying Accrete’s Knowledge Functions continuously learn through natural interaction and don’t require explicit human instruction and user labeling. Knowledge Functions can be configured and expanded to meet your exact needs and are assets that appreciate over time.
Scale Tacit Domain Knowledge
Seed Knowledge Functions with context and watch them learn with dwindling human feedback. Measure accuracy by establishing human level benchmarks and set autonomy thresholds.
We believe that human level explainability is the key to AI adoption. Explainability and accountability are two sides of the same coin. Humans must understand the reasoning behind AI generated insights in order to hold the machine accountable.
Contextual Relevance
Intelligently score relevance with respect to its context
Contextual Sentiment
Quantify the sentiment of text with human-like accuracy
Intelligent Web Discovery
Uncovering relevant information in real-time
Source Reliability
Measure how reliable a source is in surfacing valuable information
Topic Classification
Classify text into topics based on the semantic and contextual meaning
Viral Influence
Quantify the interactions between users on social media platforms
Authentic Engagement
Differentiate between online bots, self-promotions, and real user-generated content
Semantic Fingerprinting
Search that goes beyond keywords to understand the context and meaning of documents.
Semantic Map
​​Use keywords and category frequencies to view the semantic search corpus at macro level. See the semantic evolutions and category redistributions over time.
Entity Normalization
Each named entity has various name-variants in text. We normalize them into a key-term to recognize them as one entity.
Entity Mapping
Build mapping between entity sets in two different domain. A key algorithm for Federated Search.
Named Entity Recognition
Locate and classify named entities mentioned in unstructured text into pre-defined categories such as people, organizations, locations, time expressions, quantities, monetary values, and more.

Natural Interaction & Seamless Integration

Provide feedback & consume insights the intelligent way.

Our data outputs and integration components provide feedback in multiple forms and help users interact with the processed data. Minerva enables natural user interaction with various dashboards and APIs for consuming insights, providing feedback, and securely integrating Accrete’s AI models into existing enterprise workflows and applications.

What makes this powerful
Seamless Training & Natural Interaction
Provide feedback through natural interaction with the data outputs to further enhance and expand the performance of AI models.
Designed with Explainability at the Core
Follow the path that knowledge functions go through to reveal insights through semantic activation maps, relevance distribution tables, and knowledge graphs.
Powerful Integrations
Integrate data outputs with the tools your business is leveraging internally such as CRM platforms, Marketing & Sales solutions, and more.
Meta Data Table
Data outputs generated by Knowledge Functions appear on the meta table that’s configurable and sortable. The meta data table drives and powers all other data visualizations.
Knowledge Graph
Connect the dots and reveal relationships and synthetic networks at scale in ways humans are not wired for. Look at clusters of topics, discover anomalies, and enhance your storytelling, decision-making, and reasoning by unveiling relationships and affiliations between/among entities.
Powerful Visualizations
We provide visualizations that empower you to paint the story that supports high-impact decision-making. Minerva’s data visualizations include everything the end-user will need from heat maps to Sankey diagrams. We’re constantly expanding and enhancing our library of data visualizations to help customers go from collecting and processing data to visualizing it all in one place to gain insights on the spot.
Real-Time Interactive Widgets
Connect the metadata table with visualizations to real-time widgets that are dynamic and interactive to always be on top of the most important insights.
Automations & Integrations
Integrate your business processes and tools to automate workflows with tools such as automated report generation and boost productivity and make mission-critical decisions at scale.
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